Sunday, November 6, 2011

Green Creatures


Idle weekends are always time to explore books or nature,this time we did both.Long time back Khwaish’s Grandfather who is book lover got a book for her ‘Patoon ka Chidyaghar’(Leaves Zoo) which is written  by Arvind Gupta.




For the craft material of the activity,we went for Nature ride with hubby.We got leaves of different shapes,which is always fun to see the same(Exploring the leaves).Don’t have pictures details since Camera battery was low.

In search of the leaves,went to farm where farmer interacting in local language,I must say more of sign language.In the same farm got different leaves and got to see different plants Egg-plant,papaya,different flower,and of course  Khwaish favorite little pussy kitten.During the nature walk saw two lovely birds sitting on this huge big tree,O god I was missing my Camera at that time.


Ok back home with different size and shapes of leaves.We started with making tortoise dedication to our Pyaru (Farewell to Pyarelal.)with the leaves,which turned out to be pretty good.



Then next we made butterfly which probably looks like grasshopper due to small leaves…..







I want you to do guess work,what is this?




Khwaish wanted to use petals too for making eyes of Crab….


First creation in this blog is self explored idea which is Lord Ganesha.

Learning and making different creatures using this unique idea was great experience.I m planning to continue same activity for one more week after fetching appropriate leaves ,so ready for some for animals and birds in our  blog.

By the way fourth creature is owl sitting on tree…I hope you got it right!!:))))




  1. Visiting here from 'Its Playtime' ! Love all the leaf creatures:) I love arvind gupta's books, need to check for the one u mentioned.
    We love playing with leaves too..

  2. Thanks Putti for liking the creature.Hey My Father in law go to different exbihitions in Delhi .And he brought this book from there itself.

  3. What lovely art from the leaves, Ashu. Loved the dedication to pyarelal - the most. The tortoise turned out so beautiful...
    Hugs to Khwaish :)

  4. Thanks Rashmie for liking Pyarelal and rest of creatures,yet to make rest of all.



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