Friday, July 8, 2011

Exploring the leaves.

Weekend is time when usually we have list of things to do list ready. But sometimes we are lucky enough   on weekends….And then we always have one thing on our plan list ….Yes friends I’m talking about my green visit.

Thank god we are living in the place which is very close to our heart and also green surroundings.

Banana Leaves..Big one.

Well out of one such one green weekend we decided to explore different shapes of leaves…and what we were amazed to see how nature as an architect has its own beautiful creation. We came across so many sizes of leaves…small, medium and big (we got some big one for our later experiments…

For small kids like my three and half year daughter understanding on leaf is color green and how Leaf is one in the plant which gives food to whole plant.
Pappaya Leaves

Do explore nature around you …I define this as breathe the nature process.


  1. Congratulations, Ashu on your blogging journey! :)
    Nice post and thoughts about encouraging our children to go outdoors, explore the greens and establish a bond with our environment.
    Nice photos :)
    Looking forward to more...

  2. welcome to the world of blogging!! very interesting blog..lovely pics..very thoughtful. keep posting!! and bringing us to the world of your lovely ideas!! love

  3. Congrats Ashu !
    Loved your first 'Green Blog' ....:)
    Lovely pics, thoughts and a great start !!!!!!

  4. My comments on congratulations did not post :( !!
    Belated Congrats Ashu!! So very called for with all the activities you do with Khwaish! Look forward to more. Happy blogging.

  5. Thanks Rashmie for ur motivating comments...Yes i want kids to explore outdoor activity specially one with the bonding with the nature and around.

  6. Thanks Monisha...its just even i learned to comment on my own blog little late.I guess still in the process of learning.



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