Monday, January 16, 2017

Birding At Narsapur


It truly said world is very small place.Few years back during my search to find  name of bird which I clicked during my Munnar trip,came across beautiful birding Blog.And later got in touch with writer of blog through mail,now almost gap of almost two year got opportunity to meet Blogger,Birder and photography enthusiast  Sumeet along with his lovely wife Supriya.It was truly great knowledgeable birding experience with company of expertise,special thanks to both.It is challenging task to go for birding along with kids,yes quite tough to keep them quite,so that birds should not get disturbed forget about yourself.Anyways manage to click and do my bit.

As part of Migration season birding whole gang went and explore Narsapur forest along with my family.

Clicks of Birds-

Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher-First time got to know reason behind naming of Common Kingfisher because it is not at all common.


Black winged Stilt

Black Winged Stilts



Avadavat (Red Munia)


Shirke 2



Snipe flock

Flock of snipe



River Tern


Brahminy starling

Brahminy Starling

White breasted Kingfisher

White breasted Kingfisher


Red headed Pochard n Pintail

Common Pochard and Northern pintail (in the background)






Stilts in flight

Black winged Stilts in flight


Lake view

View of lake

It was so relaxing to just sit back and relaxing near lake shore,special thanks to breakfast treat from Sumeet and Supriya.

One more birding experience come to end…..


It was unique experience of birding along with expertise first time in blessings winter season.Hope to explore more birds before winter sets off.




Friday, January 13, 2017

Srisailam Wildlife and Birding Dairies


“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’”
—Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Feel like adding birds ,animals,rivers to above quote.

Welcome to the new addition of greencraftingkid wildlife and birding adventure at Nallamalla forest,Eastern Ghat of India intensely thick green forest spread around the river Krishna and Pennar.Since place is covered by thick range of natural forest,heaven for birds and wildlife ,provides great habitat opportunity for different species of birds and animals.I was lucky to spot quite few number of species.


sailsilam adventure

Large Pied Wagtail


Details of birds Sightings-


green imperial pigeon

Green Imperial Pigeon

Bee eater eating drangonfly

Green Bee Eater catching dragonfly

Black headed Oriole

Black headed Oriole

Common Iora

Common Iora

Black rumped woodpecker

Black rumped Woodpecker

Blue rocking thrush

Blue rock Thrush

Brahminy starling

Brahminy Starling-From morning seen lots of Starling,our winter migrant.

Indian roller

Indian roller


Grey hornbill

Grey Hornbill-Master of camouflage affect

Indian rufous treepie

Indian Rufous Treepie


Hoopee(blurred one)

Woodpecker and Myna

Myna and woodpecker-neighbors conversations


Taiga Flycatcher

Imperial pigeon with open wings

Imperial green Pigeon –open wings

Jungle babbler

Jungle babbler

White bellied drongo

White bellied Drongo

Indian golden Oriole

Indian golden Oriole

Painted Stork

Painted Stork

Pied Wagtail

Large pied Wagtail

Pond heron

Indian pond heron

Red vented Bulbul

Red vented Bulbul

Spotted dove

Spotted Dove



House sparrow

House Sparrow


Journey was fruitful in terms of birding as well as spotting animals.And of course Amrabad Tiger Reserve Safari was great experience in itself and additional treat  .The Safari consists of jeep ride for one hour take you inside the forest area and peak point ,from where one can have bird view at Nallamalla forest,and that’s amazing,just hope its always preserved and be in its raw form.

Welcome to Nallamalla forest

Famous Tiger Reserve


Tiger Statue

Tiger Statue at Amrabad

Safari-View inside reserve

Bird eye view of Nallamalla forest from Amrabad tiger Reserve




Deer hiding in bushes


Giant malabar squirel

Giant Malabar squirrel –Spotted twice ,once inside the safari and other in Nallamalla forest.


Deer during Safari



This is first time when travelled with sole purpose of enjoying birding and photography.And wind up journey on very satisfactory and happy note.Hope to explore region more in future.




Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last treat of Year-Birding at Himayat Sagar Lake


Last birding of year 2016,great way to say bye and also to welcome the new one.We took extra interest to kept  our travel log busy in past year.So year last exploration decided at HIMAYAT SAGAR LAKE with company of birding enthusiast friends along with family. Every time clicking sunrise has become rituals for camera test to kick start birding.


Sunrise-blend of Orange and Pink


Start of birding

Our Avians friends waiting for us to get clicked…


It was frosty morning ,sun waked us from half sleep and first treat of the morning was Great Flamingos…

Flock of flamingos

Sight of Flamingos after zooming…


Little closer look…Wish light would have been sufficient.

After sight of greater flamingos,we were already motivated to explore more on high notes……Here goes photo treat of the day.


Jungle Babbler


booted warbler cofirm

Booted Warbler


Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher




Cormorant n Egret

Flock of Cormorant and Egret


Grey breasted Prinia

Another Booted warbler


Jungle babbler

Jungle babbler

Lotus leaves

Lotus Leaves


Painted stork

Painted Stork



Peacock-4 were there


Pied Wagtail

Pied Wagtail

Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird


Plain Prinia

Plain Prinia


Red vented Bulbul

Red vented Bulbul


Rose ringed parakeet

Rose Ringed Parakeet


swallow and starling

Barn swallow,Pied Starling,Kingfisher


Spotted Owl

Catch of the day Owl hiding under branches.


In addition to Himayat Sagar Lake birding ,we continued our fun for day at MRUGAVANI NATIONAL PARK…Safari



Tailor bird

Tailor bird


Deer feeding


Differenr butterflies

Different types of Butterflies



Painting at Mrugavani National Park.


Mrugavani National park is average Safari where kids can enjoy peacock, deer and Samba,place where one can plan picnic of half day.

So once again great outing birding plus Safari,I'm glad we wind up everything in half day to utilize our rest of day to prepare for New Year eve celebrations.

Good Bye to all viewer and friends,May everyone have prosperous new year.

Start of New year,more birding…..More exploration!!





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