Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Colouring POP...Samarth fun continues.

Hello friends writing blog after long time ,all these months was busy with my little one in exploring the process of growth in special association with nature ,watching flying pigeons,hiding sunlight from bright sunlight or falling rain drops n touching same with tiny little fingers.Meanwhile,.my daughter Khwaish is now very much busy in her own explorations which is mainly experimenting with colour in her own style with her whole gang of friends or trying different sports or childrens group play. With now arrival of summer vacations and availability of ample amount of time in hand,these young explorer are all set to their enjoyable journey to satisfy their creative souls.It all started one sunny afternoon but planning for same started early in the morning


KHWAISH made some plaster of  Paris creations in the morning ,Of course with little guidance i offered.She carefully put wet POP in all mould and within couple hour taken some out….n believe me that were really Soft in touch.Now they got good project to keep themselves busy in the afternoon…
Threesome started there fun filled project…Khwaish,Samarth and Sai(k’s frinds)…surrounded with paint,brushes,water in POP white creations..in between they had good conversation session to choose red,blue ,yellow or to go multicolour for their respective creations.

For Sammy boy this is all together new experience n joy to play with colour …he is developing sensory skills and motoring skills through all fun n explore technique…
We as a team had great fun learning through exploring….looking forward to continue our journey.






Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Samarth bonding with Nature.



Watching birds has become part of daily meditation affirming my connection to the earth body.CAROL P Christ.

I have done lot of bird exploring projects with Khwaish, In fact we were lucky to witness the nesting process.Now its my son’s turn ,he is also enjoying presence of pigeons dropping in for water near my windows(yes khwaish has kept water for them).


One morning Sam just saw pigeon sitting outside the window,started calling them by waving his hands,its really wonderful to see how my little son is enjoying the pigeons and some initial interaction with nature.



I would surely like to share one of heart touching fact,his love for leaves been expressed by gently kiss on them.Isn’t it cute?


I’m glad Samarth is exploring,enjoying and loving the nature along with Khwaish.Looking forward to enjoy nature’s journey more with my kids.



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Streak of colour by Samarth.


After long time coming with blog which have joy of color element in it.Well my better half is away on some professional trip,i am also fully engage with my little ducklings, my kids.With Eid holiday in middle of week Khwaish wanted to utilize it to maximum with fun activity.



So here we all started the day with little extra sleep  followed by some exercise session and some playing session in my apartment plus enjoyed the nature at its best(will post click around the apartment ).Well after outdoor enjoyment ,gang enjoyed so called pool session of tub for more than half hour,by the way would like to mention my 14 month little son is very particular about his red Tub.I guess enough of bathing session….but at my place ‘’Yeh Dil Maange More” was motto for the day.



Now Special part of this blog and Surprise also…..i mentioned you will see colour element in this blog,so here it goes.Today Khwaish had wonderful afternoon  session of finger painting and exploring different colour.Actually it all started as trying one book which is related to finger printing ,but when we started book was kept aside and my little ducking enjoyed splash of colours.My son’s got more interested in colour bottles ,draining his hands in colour pool and his first Streak of colour with brush will be special one.He enjoyed to the maximum with a company of Khwaish and tried almost everything finger printing to taking colours out of bottles.



So it was funfilled day….I can say enjoying the day target was accomplished!!!Keep tuned for more fun on greencrafting kid.



Friday, July 4, 2014

Bright sunny Yellow farm-S first one.


I am very excited to write my new blog after long time.This  one is very special ,reason behind the same is after long time I ‘m back to my green visit therapy.You must be thinking how come therapy?? So answer is simple,it gives immense pleasure to watch this green colour in abundance and receiving great vibes from them which help to to relax mentally and explore the different boundaries physically .I forgot to mention that this ‘Breathe the Nature ‘ visit was also special because of one more reason and that is ,my thirteen month old son’s first exploration with team green crafting.



One fine late afternoon when my husband sensed that it will rain,he came up with suggestion to explore and making evening really refreshing.So when it comes to going for nature drive…..WE ALL ARE SET….so here goes my team after nature.



We went to beautiful Farm with colour yellow spread all over like sunny bed sheet reminds me of visit to Sunflower farm long time back.It was Marigold flowers all over,beautiful sight to watch.As we entered into farm drizzling started and bright sunny rays from other direction,tried hard to find RAINBOW…..better luck next time !!

K wanted to take some flower back home ,so that she can prepare eco friendly colours for Holi and add to our excitement Samarth had great time watching bright flower,cow,birds….kept on pointing and sharing his joy and excitement.

It was wonderful time enjoying nature at best,looking forward to continue journey and enjoy the same.Hope you all love this therapy visit.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Reviving the Blogging Journey-Surprises & Solar System.


A Big Hello to my friends,family and readers.It feels really wonderful to come back and revive my passion ,my blogging after long time,after a gap of almost more than a year.I have come up with wonderful updates too…..

First please welcome one more company on the board for greencraftingkid team my ten months old Son Samrath  foremost reason I took blogging break(nine months in womb and ten months now), Khwaish my first partner in crafting fun is doing lots of craft work on her own and exploring things through reading(will surely let her write independent post) ,enjoying and last but not the least I have shifted to place which itself is blessing for nature lover like me(will post some picks very soon) .All this months been really engaging and blissful in terms family life and Simultaneously explored some other art like baking .

Now about my little son ,he is  enjoying and amazed with Nature wonders in the form of flying pigeons calling them with babbling sound ,colorful flowers,falling water and exploring through Nature walk.

Now I feel taken long required and much needed break,very soon will back to ‘Breathe the Nature’ expeditions,not missing but thirst for it is alive and give pump to my life.


Enough of my the leave details,I would like to share a craft work with you all ,done couple of months back ,Project Solar System made for K for her school,she is in love with topic of solar system very much and made her best efforts to explore the topic and made quiz to test my knowledge about the topic.Khwaish my first partner in crafting fun is doing lots of craft work on herself and exploring things through reading(will surely let her own post).



I would like to mention that project is done using recycled materials.So Go green!!


        Quiz Time for all Little ones..

  1. Which is nearest planet to Sun?
  2. Which is Red planet?
  3. Which is blue planet?
  4. Which planet has rings around it?
  5. Which is biggest planet of Solar system?
  6. Who was first man to reach the Moon?
  7. Who was the  first Indian to go into Space?
  8. Name an Indian women astronaut?
  9. Different phases of Moon?

I am  sure you also enjoy exploring different topic with your kids in a fun way,so please share it.

I will try keep my blogging on, as and when time permits.Till then signing off and looking forward to hear from you all.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Toy Library in Bangalore-Learning Ladders


Toys plays important role in kids development from early years of childhood.Nowadays numbers of brands available in market to make choices for kids ,but the later part is once kids play with toy for long time, gets bored with the same and ,needs change or replacement of same,so at that time we realize ‘Is it wise to buy expensive toy every time or can we have option?Yes Friends here is your superb option to get replacement of toy ,when kids wants change,Answer is TOY LIBRARY.



Well recently I was contacted by founder of toy library Learning Ladders in Bangalore  Ms Anupma,she gave me details about the toy library how it works which is excellent concept according to me,providing best of branded toy carefully categorized according to age suitability ,making your work easier to chose the apt toy for your kid,and once you feel kid is getting bore ,you can go ahead and order fresh one.I know for parents hygiene is important concern while lending these toys,best part is toys are sanitized and cleaned properly ,so no need to be worry about hygiene factor too.

For me concept is eco-friendly ,very relatable as recycling with maintaining best of hygiene and can make our little contribution towards ‘Breathe the Nature’ which is close to my heart .I myself is looking forward to join the library for my little one.



A Word from founder of Learning Ladders Anupma

LearningLadders.in is an online toy library, based in Bangalore, which provides an exclusive range of branded toys on Rent for children of 0 - 8 years of age.

Brands we Trust: Fisher Price, ELC, Melissa and Doug, Chicco, Leap Frog, VTech and many more...

Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them.

At Learning Ladders, we believe that every child has the right to grow and develop in the best possible manner. So, we have specially created a toy catalogue, with the help of child development experts, emphasizing on the holistic development of growing children, as it is utmost important to provide the right toy at the right age. To ensure child safety, each toy is Cleaned, Sanitized and Shrink Wrapped before it is deemed ready for delivery.

Learning Ladders extends a convenient option for parents by providing these educational toys, right at your doorstep, just a click away. Members can browse through the toy catalogue, on our website, and reserve toy(s) of their choice. The toy(s) would be delivered and picked up from their home, free of charge.


So are you ready make your kids early years of growth full of wonderful toys?Go ahead.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Khwaish’s B’day–Day 2 at Ooty journey continues.


With best of memories on the first day,finally its D-Day Khwaish’s b’day,my little angel turned 5.Her day started with receiving lots of wishes from grandmother and two aunts followed by phone keep on ringing in the morning.

So excitement has already began in nature’s way our day started with little birdies chirping which can be seen from cottage window…


Some are even in the pairs…..,lovely misty morning of Ooty.Good Morning Ooty!!


After beautiful welcome of the day at mother nature with best of of flora and fauna,we moved on for better part.Ok after getting ready for expedition for the day, we went to have well made idli breakfast by attendant of homestay in the dinning area which was yummy ,surely great energy pumper for the day.

The main attraction of the day at Ooty which we got to see through the day-

Coonoor-Passing through steep hill station roads,Tea Gardens in midst of Nilgiri mountains-Yes lots of tea plantation around Coonoor ,we have seen lots tea plantation during our stay at Munnar.The lots of Silver Oaks view in between these plantation.


Passing through Madras Regimental Cantonment area with shady roads covered with lots of trees we reached our next destination which was Sim’s Park.



Sim’s Park-Its very well maintained Park with lots of different species of plants which can be seen.Special attraction of the place was adjoining boat house with lots of fishes inside the same.I remember even bark of tree look so fascinating and different .

After enjoying boating session at boat house,and take lots of Nature’s click moved for next place.

DSCN0154DSCN0212DSCN0197DSCN0158 DSCN0215


Weather was treat on the day,clouds wetness can be feel inside the car,cold breeze flowing through all directions picturesque sights of mountains.



Doddabetta Peak –Weather glory was already at the peak when we reached Doddabettea Peak.K wanted to see telescope view of the place,so here she goes.got to see glimpse of St. Catherine waterfall and some tea garden.We bought some tea from tea shops at that place.(I suggest to buy tea at Tea factory because of price and quality)



Pine Forest and Fern-One more attraction of the visit was pine and fern,got lots of Pine back home(will try out something on them,have plan to fetch some more from Shimla very soon).



Tea factory at Dodabetta was our next destination where we got to watch end to end tea making process from cutting to packaging,got some tea from here too.We bought Ooty special homemade chocolate .


After Tea Factory visit we were done with the travelling of the day,by that time weather was awesome ,clouds can be seen and touched inside the factory,we started little bit shivering too,special thanks for availability of tea at the place to make us cozy.

Evening was reserved was  for my little sweetheart birthday celebrations ,she was full of excitement on watching special birthday party arranged for her at homestay even after lots of travelling for the day.I think cake cutting is most awaited part of b’day for little ones,so made sure she enjoy what she been counting to do for last 365 days.After delicious small samosas and cake ,we enjoyed our little get together with family followed by special Chinese dinner which was awesome.


So it was hectic day full of fun filled and lot of travelling………and My K has turned 5,looks like little big number but she is still my little angel.




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