Sunday, April 10, 2016

Summer birding Continues-Day 2


After experiencing fruitful expedition of summer birding,planned and roll it to day 2.It was cloudy day which was again adding factor to our spirits.We started at 3 in the afternoon from home ,first purchase done for birding cum picnic.Then we moved to our regular destination.


Special Clicks of the day 2


Indian roller flying



Paddy field Pipit


Pied Kingfisher

Finally got click of Pied Kingfisher with its catch(see fish in beak)


Spotted Owlet 1

Bigger picture Spotted Owl-Beautiful Eyes.



Footprints of Birds or Animal??

brahminy kite collage

Got to see full Brahminy Kite family.



And ended with sight of Shikra.

So yet again great birding session in summer.




Saturday, April 9, 2016

Summer birding Can be Rewarding-Day 1


Mercury seems to rising all time high in Bangalore this summer,for past twelve years I have never seen such a hot March –April.I guess global warming is culprit,swing in deforestation activities around the city surely adding to current situation,in the name of development .Even weather is not sparing the outskirts where green belts charm is ineffective nowadays.

Brahminy flying over sunset


My main concern at current moment ,extreme summer leads to flying creatures invisible during the season.Luckily impromptu birding one evening turned out to be favorable and fruitful.

Expedition started with sight of Pied Kingfisher(seen first time) ,missed chance to capture it.Nevertheless other attraction of the day -

  • Wagtails
  • Greater Coucal
  • swallows
  • Crows
  • Cattle Egrets
  • Red wattled Lapwing
  • Cormorants
  • Common Coot
  • Sunbird
  • Rose ringed parakeet
  • Red vented Bulbul
  • White throated Kingfisher

One of surprise of trip was black headed Cuckoo Shirke which were in  flock of 15-20….

Black headed cuckoo Shirke


Brahminy hovering around the place and hunting down the fishes which we witnessed for around one hour,may be big family to support.I could capture brahminy in beautiful picturesque frame during sunset!! (First pic in blog)


Second was divine Sunset @ the place,fortunate to get awesome click-


And last icing on the cake was glimpse of spotted Owl,spotted it by just its dark shadow Bingo!!






Sharing some more Sunset moment of the day,unquestionably this was one peaceful sunset I lived!!







Thursday, March 31, 2016

Birding and Nature Diary @Horsley Hills


Life feels like blessing,when you wake up to the chirping of birds(not alram clocks)and sensation of fresh air which clear all your worries of mind & heart.


I’m yet to overcome from the chirping of birds which enjoyed for two days.Although I was late to bed(say by 4am partying under moonlight has its own charm) during vacation ,still it was so much excitement to get up by 6am.And delighted to share my pictures ,I was really lucky  to get good clicks in the morning of BIRDS.So here I comes with my clicks and bird list.

I feel proud and overjoyed to add three new additions to my current birding list-

StarFirst one is Indian Treepie,initially I had impression that there is Coucal around because of her coop coop sound …later I could figure it out ,when I saw and luckily could click it too.I hope to get better zooming lens for closer shots.


Indian Treepie

StarSecond ofcourse is reward of the trip(because Treepie I have seen earlier,but failed to click it)- Indian Pitta which is vibrant colorful bird,I got to see in the early hours of day.It was very smooth click without any struggle.


Indian Pitta


StarThird one is…


Verdict Flycatcher-Again far away shot…guess some big zooming lens required.


 Rest of Birds


Red vented Bulbul


Plain Prinia



Bushchat Male



Jungle Babbler-Lots of babblers were around.



Red whiskered Bulbul





Oriental White Eye



Magpie Robin

In total saw three Hoopoe but not a single shot..Sad smile


For me travel is now synonyms with birding.


Sunset Beauty


There is no doubt that hill stations are one best places to witness Sunset and sunrise,wrapped with those

special vibes of day.



Magic of Spring Collection-




Hope you had great time enjoying nature’s beauty.

Thank you.





Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HORSLEY HILLS-Memories for Life.


Blog number 101….Special Travel Story of Andhra Pradesh.

For long time my blogging stories are full of birding adventures with family near the close location.So this time fortunately I have change on my board.

Bringing travel memoires of hill station with family and friends.

After a gap of one year after Andaman memorable trip, another addition to my memory cloud is HORSLEY HILLS. The best part of trip was,we hardly have any checklist of places to visit, things to do and still at the end we got soul satisfying journey and experience ,credit goes to place and of course the company.

Scenic beauty on the way

Scenic beauty on the way




Journey details-

Distance between Horsley hills and Bangalore-157kms

Time taken to reach place-(three breaks in between one for the breakfast and two to capture scenic beauty on the way)-four hour and back journey in just two and half hour without any breaks.

We chose to stay at Hotel Haritha which is at excellent location in terms of proximity to visit and enjoy nature especially when you have kids along with you. The Haritha hotel  itself abundantly blessed with dense green belt which is maintained excellently, Kudos to Andhra tourism for same, maintaining such a huge premises effortlessly.


Nearby Delights

Mini Zoo which is just opposite to Hotel premises.Again kids had wonderful time watching Emu,deer,peacock,ducks,crocodile,parrots,rabbits.For my younger one this was kind of first zoo visit which he enjoyed to the core.



View point which is actually gazebo where some last hour of day, watching sun go down gives u peace,calming and soul satisfying experience.It is so delightful to see sun hiding behind mountains ,taking break for the day,connecting with yourself in fast and stressed life and getting ultimate peaceful time.



Trekking and watching sunset –A confession to make here,although I love nature but trekking on steep mountains is something I will think twice to do…but when u have company of adventurous people, height does not matters.So it was core of trip ,trekking and reaching on top of mountains,rewarding ourselves with heavenly sunset view .I will surely cherish it .Pat on my back!!Thanks to my friend Sujata Smile for motivating pulling me out of my comfort zone,doing something which is surprising for me.



Relaxing Sunset moments.


Some more clicks of trips


Fun @Cave


Kids play area comprising of different swings for kids ,perfect to match up their energy. Walking on peaceful path where we witness different colours of spring blossoms…fortunately went in spring season.The Hotel also had swimming pool which again enjoyed and cooled themselves in sunny afternoon.



Adventure activities for kids and elders-Rope walking ,trampoline, Archery and some adventure activities.




Some more raw fun for kids and getting bonded with nature.

IMG_9344IMG_9357IMG_9449 IMG_9417IMG_9439IMG_9637IMG_9644IMG_9948IMG_9749


To sum up whole journey a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, cherished memories for life.And special mention of location of Hotel and whole premises .




Saturday, May 2, 2015

Black kite special-Blog #100-Khwaish Photography

After four year of blogging, taking breaks ,reviving and finally I 'm glad I writing my 100th blog. In whole journey discovered so many ideas to be connected with nature and enjoyed process all the way. Nowadays blog has turned into birding page and greencrafting team is all fascinated to discover new colour everyday .

Black kite pic taken by Khwaish

Black Kite pic by Khwaish 

Indian Robin Male-Khwaish

So most recent was blogging story at international school near to my place where my husband goes for football fun. As I always say when it is about waking up early in the morning, our only MOTTO is BIRDING....we give company to him not for the football but for our hobby.

In school common bird like Myna, pigeon were there, but still more captivating sightings could be seen outside the school. I would like to mentioned about some of awe struck pictures of  Black kite clicked by Khwaish!!

In addition to black kite we watched some other birds too...we are lucky everytime to watch so many birds. Enjoy!!

Ashy Prinia

Indian Robin Female

Jungle Myna

White throated Kingfisher

Purple rumped Sunbird

Spotted dove

Black kite (Pariah)

Ashy Prinia Pair


Greater coucal far away
That day was dedicated to kite birding...we saw whole flock near to that school,and believe me this creature is astonishingly HUGE...initially i thought it is Vulture but that is rare view .

We have plan to explore that place more,let's see how much my husband plans going to favour us!!


Enjoy the clicks of day....................


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