Monday, December 19, 2011

Perfect Christmas View.


This is last blog for year 2011 from greencraftingkid before taking blogging break for couple of days to enjoy life with family.Thanks to all my family and friends for appreciating my blog and giving lovely feedback at the same time.

All this season we been busy doing lots of Christmas activity from making Christmas tree with hat and Ice-cream sticks to Snowmen with thumb prints,thought to put everything in one final project.

Last weekend we bought one artificial Christmas tree for decoration out of  excitement for the festival,Khwaish had really great time putting hats,drums,candy,Santa and lots of stuff on the same.



After lot of hard work our job was done and X-mas Tree looking very beautiful.



Ok friends,for my final project I took one card board box,specially got it from grocery shop in my apartment.Then at the bottom of box pasted our Snowmen poster and on the side walls thumb print impression which look like snow fall seen.




Once side walls were ready ,pasted blue paper on the top as sky view which is hidden in view always.

Covered the cardboard box with white sheet from outside too.Then made hole on the top of box for fixing X-Mas tree(hat) and placed some gift under the tree.



Pasted lots of sequence of shinning stones on the top of box,just next to X-Mas tree and gifts.Then absolutely fun time for Khwaish,gave her her sticker with star shape,she covered X-Mas tree with stars plus  in between the sequence lots of tits bits ,such a crafty work by my darling daughter.



Finally top of the box is ready….Your views friends?


Then place all the Ice-cream stick trees in lines…


On the other wall….Santa Claus.


Now time to put snow on the bottom,after all Christmas is season to witness the snow.I have used cotton for the purpose of creating the snow view and enhanced the view with our collection of things from colour beads,bands dolls,bell,e.t.c



This project has come up really well,close to my heart and Khwaish,although I m travelling on Christmas Eve I feel enthusiasm of the season is already on the peak in my home.



So before taking blogging break…..Merry Christmas and Happy new wishes to my family ,friends and readers.Have great time and enjoy the life.



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Making.


Inspired by friend’s blog Mommy Lab we got idea to use spare birthday cap for the purpose of making X-Mas tree.Initially we tried colouring the cap with green colour,but not satisfying result,so we pasted green sheet on the cap to have appropriate colour .

Then we added lots of glowing sequence on the green cap which made its look fabulous.



We used almininium  foil empty stick roll for the stem of X-Mas tree and glorified same with glittery tape after colouring the same with brown colour.



Now time to take out some treasure from our collection,we took out some bells in silver and golden colour,with the help of thread tied bells on the green part bottom as a hanging bells.

Finally time to put cherry on the cake,I mean on tree…We had one Yellow star from some rubber band,placed the same on the top of tree.Later we fixed the green part on the stem ,with lovely hanging bells.

Our Tree is ready….Making best from waste.




Monday, December 12, 2011

Complete Green Visit.


Before going for the annual vacations to my native place wanted to have a session of green Visit and luckily it turned out be a complete visit.I call this visit as complete one because of the reason of catching view and green experience of flowers,fruits,vegetable and grains too.



Started visit with our last week visit of  violet flowers which looks like wool balls painted in violet colour,so fluffy and soft in touch.Some of the views in the same garden were beautiful like the bird sitting on sprinklers,really tough to click them.






One more attraction of same farm was white colour flowers with petals were like line drawn from middle yellow circle.



Then exploring greencraftingkid team to the next farm which is very close to Khwaish’s school ,I have seen same while going to her school .And this farm was full package farm .

First in this farm was Fruit….Sapota……


…..followed by banana tree view on the background of all rose plant(which is being plucked in big baskets)….




Next in the row was Vegetables which includes Pumpkin,beans,bitter gourd(hanging on the Christmas tree),egg-plant,bottle gourd.







Other then this we saw coconut tree and Raagi grains fields in the large part of land.This experience was really more interactive since we got company of kids of land owner who can speak English very well,so lot of our queries got resolved through them.




According to my Hubby these green visit is kind of meditation for us,and Yes I very much agree with the same.Some days back I mentioned to my friend too green visits are absolute pleasure and giving us so much peace and positive energy.

For more meditation catch visit full Album.

How about you what is that activity you enjoying with nature?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doraemon’s Shadow

Couple of months back I mentioned in my blog about Khwaish’s love for cartoon character Doraemon,out of same love she gathered lots of toy from Mac D.After that she got one Doraemon stuffed toy too and key chain to keep in the car.So I thought to involve Dori( which I and my hubby Nitin call him)in our paint session.
Well we had one left over of Doraemon sticker pad , all sticker used either on house door or on the fridge.We stuck same on the white chart paper….in case you are Doreomon ‘s fan can easily make out one with helicopter(right corner bottom),dormi (Doraemon sister) sticker were there on this sticker list before.


First we started with little patches of paint on the chart corner to get into action….

Then a thought came into my mind that we can use the empty spray bottle of cleaner which I have washed with hot water….I added food colour to water and filled the spray bottle to enjoy the session(little early holi session I guess).All coloured water started dripping on white chart paper.

Then more colours to the borders…..And finally take out that sticker pad to obtain the shadows of Doraemon and friends.


To get more clarity of the shadows,outline all the shadows with black marker.

So for this session we had combination of spray paint and recycled materials.And most important Khwaish just feel liking playing time with Doraemon.
How about you and your kid,are you too Doraemon’s Fan?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Greenhouse visit.


Last Weekend when we went for Christmas tree visit,we had the  joy of extended visit to flower farm and long awaited Green house.



While coming back from Christmas tree visit, went for flower visit where bed of violet flowers and white flowers  were beautiful view to witness,got some click of same farm.





Now our hunger for more took us to next destination….and it was Greenhouse,my long awaited visit in my wish list.Yes this is special one because tried going to this place 2-3 times before,but to my disappointment it was closed every time .And luckily this time we got chance to explore green house.

There were two variety of greenhouse –Flowers and Vegetable .

One with flower view I have seen before also,but somewhere else with same flower used for Puja and mainly exported.



Second part of Green house which is vegetable was extra special because wanted to see from long time.We got to see Capsicum and Cucumber plants inside the second green house.Cucumber leaves were really big in shape with little yellow flowers on the same,enjoyed Capsicum in  green and red colours.








Finally I ‘m  too happy to rediscover flowers green house and vegetable one once again.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas special green visit.


The relation between empty weekends and green visit is known as ‘Breathe the nature’ in my family dictionary.Long time, bad weather and in between Khwaish’s health issues keeping us in little low sprits.

One of things which is enjoyable experience for my family is this green visits,so with empty weekend ,again exploration on to charge our ourselves.Since Christmas is quite near thought of going for relevant visit ,so went for Christmas tree visit which I have seen during drives through those farm .

The Christmas trees are of two types-Fir and pine,one we went is fir one.




In between these flock of sheep and hen hidden near tree was quite entertaining for Khwaish.





One of Christmas tree in front of house is quite big one…..Again Fir.



Well that farm person gave us one small plant  which I have l already planted in the flower pot,let’s see how much time it will take to grow big.

Sharing some information about Christmas tree.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Season of celebration.


The year 2011 is almost ready to say Good bye to all of us,before welcoming the new year let’s have perfect adventure and celebration of Season of winter with Christmas.

First set of activity for Christmas involves making card for the seasons.We choose to use the X-Mas tree as theme for first set of card making activity.

I made triangle with pencil for Khwaish and gave her glittery tape to stick same on the triangle to prepare first X-Mas tree,and with no doubts she did good job.





And once that triangle was ready ,I gave her glitter glue to enhance its beauty.We are ready with our first X-Mas tree.



For Second tree we cut  triangle from green chart paper,and pasted same on white chart ,later I made candy on the bottom of X-mas tree and some red glittery decoration.



Third card was made with different sizes of triangles placed  on one over another from small to big size sorted by Khwaish and cut by me to give perfect look of X-Mas tree.





Last but not the least….We pasted red colour ball(this is same ball we used during Id card making too)  in two lines and written Christmas message on the same.



This is first set of Christmas activity,whole month planned to celebrate the spirit of the season.Keep rocking !!




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