Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bird watching fun at Munnar-A story of Whistling bird.

Munnar trip was really great experience to enjoy bird kingdom.From Sparrow,Parrot,Pigeon and some colourful birds plus chirping whistling of birds,Yes you read me right.During our stay,first evening I heard whistling sound coming from balcony of resort room,my first impression was may be someone is whistling,I checked around but that sound was coming from bushes and dense forest,that time I came to know its whistling bird.

Next morning it starting with lots of bird chirping around,and all mountains views fresh in sunlight and later addition of whistling sound to them.This whistling sound come so close never before,that bird came and sat on roof of the balcony of the neighbor's room,tried my best to capture the bird .Finally could come with only sound recording of the same.I guess little shy bird ,with no doubts gifted one.
I guess god has given everyone something special,lucky to witness the sound of this bird during the Munnar stay.

What your special bird exploring experience?
Some of special bird experience by greencraftingkid-Bird stories


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stencil Art–Making Animal Kingdom.


All rejuvenated after vacation in Munnar,back to the the blogging time.Its vacation time for Khwaish ,so we are exploring our own craft session.

I bought animal stencil long back and used it only once before starting the blogging,made some animal model when khwaish turned two.So decided to give it try after long time,Khwaish seem to very excited on holding that stencil.

So here we go to make our own animal kingdom on plain paper.

I was holding animal stencil because I feel it was not possible to hold stencil and use the colour at the same time for Khwaish,so made outline of animal with pencil.



Next we all set to use colour and brush…..while using colour reminds me of book and craft session ,we have done earlier.



At the end of session we got colourful result of stencil art.


We have planned to use some more stencil work during the vacations,so ready to catch some more stencil action.



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kerala Revisited-Munnar unlimited from Tea gardens to inhaling aroma of Spices.


Kerala well known as God’s own country offers nature at its best which is great temptation for nature lovers like us to explore and breathe the place more and more.This is our second visit to Kerala,last year enjoyed vacation in Wayanad with nature at its best.

Now this time we planned to visit Munnar which has its own set of assets and resources to charm tourist with scenic tea garden raising beauty of place in heavenly manner.By the way my anniversary is chosen occasion to visit  heavenly place.

Tea Garden-Picturesque beauty of place cannot be described in words ,even camera shoot images show incomplete feel of place, one can experience the real beauty of the place after watching it live .This place is full of tea plantation amidst of mountains hold main interest of tourists.We can see lots of Silver Oak and Oranges plantation in-between the tea plants which add to the beauty of the place.The reason behind planting Silver Oak tree had scientific explanation ,its store rain water in roots and later sprinkle water to tea plants in summer,since lot water required by tea plants. Our tour guide told us that some tea plants are 150 year old ,mainly owned/ leased by Tata Tea for 99 years and other major company is RPG owned by RP Goenka.


Spice Garden-Kerala being famous for spice production from cardamom, cashew, black pepper, cinnamon,e.t.c. Our tour guide suggested to go for spice garden tour which was quite a memorable experience.My Husband and daughter had fun of getting drenched in Pennya river water,located at the corner of garden while I enjoyed tour of the garden exploring little details of spice plants.I explored Cardamom,pepper,cinnamon,rudraskh,coffee beans,cocoa plant,pine apple and lot more.There n number of spice garden in kerala producing and selling spices grown in there own backyard.

Munnar trip


Elephant ride-One of the famous attraction of Munnar was its famous elephant rides which was at distance of 18kms from our hotel.Our guide told us that elephant is very intelligent animal can slide from 15-20 metre mountain slope to reach ground safely to cover distance faster.My daughter Khwaish enjoyed elephant ride and feeding elephant corn and Pineapple specially made basket after 15 min of the ride,I guess reward for elephant to give us safe and memorable ride.




Boat ride in Mattupatty Dam-Khwaish enjoyed steamer ride at Mattupatty Dam,she was very excited from the morning when she heard that we will go for boating too.Added attraction of the place was its horse riding.


Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park-Eravikulam National Park being  Famous for Mountain goats can be enjoyed in Safari provided by National park for 15 min.Manage to click some of the birds in best of weather.

Munnar trip1

Floriculture Centre-Well known as flower garden,beautiful place to visit and take flower picture.It is exciting to see so many flowers variety under one roof and well maintained.

Munnar trip1

Tea Museum-One of interesting place to visit in Munnar is Tea Museum.I just loved the movie displayed at museum giving the detail of history of tea plantation and special contribution by Tata to revolutionize tea plantation and worker life in munner,worth watching and impressive.

It was full package enjoying weather at its best with lot of greenery form tea,spices,other tree plus watching animal kingdom of the region and some bird clicks.Kerala is truly God’s own country offer flora and Fauna at unlimited best .


Munnar travel link in case you plan to visit the place in future.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hula Hoop-Self motivating experience after series of trial and error.


Khwaish demanding two toys from last week,one she mentioned to me as circle which we can twirled around the body,I knew what she is asking for but honestly I did not know that its Hula Hoop.Second one on her list was binocular which again she don’t know the name,she explained me by putting round folded finger around her eyes and I know what is her demand.


To explore what she wanted  to do with toys,we bought same from Sapna book house last weekend,and went to friend’s place.Well we know kids won’t  hold their patience for long time,so she unwrapped her Hula hoop,and started giving try for the same.

She have never tried Hula Hoop,its just that she have seen same at her school.So after all her trial and error,she explored how she can rotate this colourful circle around her body.I ‘m glad to hear her voice declaring ‘Mamma I can do it,I have learned’.I guess I ‘m feeling proud to see my little one exploring and creating her own ways to learn and train herself.This is surely self-motivating experience for her.

Next day onwards,its now classes for us to learn Hula hoop at home,my husband and me giving best try to learn fast from her .I’m overjoyed with this experience of learning from my little teacher,although I have lots of learning in the process of motherhood itself.


So what are your kids teaching you today?




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