Monday, August 22, 2011

Creating our little mint farm.


Our regular farm visits is a inspiration behind this project ,so its time to follow the heart …and create our own farm.To fulfill  green dream of khwaish who turned four recently,we conducted a activity wherein grandpa playing important role.





Well whole idea just started while plucking pudina leaves (mint ) for chutney preparation.We had conversation to plant little mint plants near to our place….so we set with our farming tool in the morning with khwaish  Dadaji.

Things started with digging the ground for plantation,we chose our farm in the rectangle shape as per khwaish’s wish with dadaji’s help.Once the land was ready we started planting little mother mint plant in our garden…while planting the plants Khwaish was really excited to see her little plants to grow faster.







I’m really happy to put little initiative with Khwaish and her grandpa to create little farm land.Looking forward to see our plants growing up.


This Mint project is healthy initiative and learning for Khwaish to learn-

  • Her love for green environment –practical experience to know plantation is done.
  • Knowing the process of farming-plough,seeding,watering,giving fertilization to plants.
  • Making bond with nature stronger.
  • Reap the results of her hard work.
  • Since activity is done with grandpa…stronger bond with him too.
  • Experience to know about planting mint plant…now she know where chutney leaves come from.


In few more days planning to plant some more plants.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rose garden visit on rainy day.

Nowadays after coming back from school Khwaish looks pretty charge up to do more fun at home also.She is ready with one question 'Mamma’’ ab hum kaya karein(what to do now ?).So today is start of extended weekend for her ,so we got into celebration mood with nature goddess.

Well my husband got some pending work to do,so we accompany him to have glance of Lotus in lake near to my place,to my disappointment no view of single lotus .Surprisingly got  some clicks of duck enjoying floats over the lake.

Next eye treat in our journey was farmer working in paddy fields and one lovely bird view from far away.


Bye bye to hubby for office…but my little one wanted more of fun.So here we go…
So we decided to move and took diversion to our farm land road.While I was driving ,my little one caught views of some rose flowers on the way.It was raining at the same time,nature lover like us could not  resist much..stopped the car,just jump out of the car khwaish  so excited to see different flower all around…pink,orange,yellow.

In the same farm three girls were plucking flower,they called us from far to have look of the farm…Kamla,kanta and kunchan…although language is bit of problem for us but today it was manageable.With great generosity lovely girls showed us different flower and gave bagful of rose to Khwaish as token of love.

Its immense pleasure to watch farm with full of flower,green herbs(tulsi,daniya,mint and some more)..not to forget mentioning scare crow.

Since its was rainy day…Khwaish had fun playing in rain showers.

This was amazing day with nature and I call the process ‘Breathe the nature’.
Regularly making these visit to get my kid close to nature.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making National Flower-LOTUS


What can more fun then doing some activity which is appropriate to the Independence Day Theme?


Well one of activity we choose for Independence day celebration is making the national flower-Lotus.First I showed couple of lotus flower picture to Khwaish so that she had better idea of what we are making.

Then we decided to do same activity with paper quilling which is totally new concept for me.First drawn a rough picture of lotus on piece of paper….Now time to make petals in pink color(khwaish’s favorite color)…and this time we are using pink chart paper .First cut lot of pink strips(long and width 1cm)and  then time to start rolling,bending and pinching the same strip of paper to get lovely petals.You can use pen or pencil to rolling part kids can take elders help, pinching and bending on right spot will give us right shape.

We made nine petals and two leaves….looks great and same time fun for kids and Mummy.





Now we wanted to give leaves to same flower…Again rock and roll of green chart paper.So we got our leaves ready.For leaves only rolling needs to be done ,so khwaish independently created it.




Arranged all the petals and leaves and pasted the same on our rough drawing.

Here comes our lovely lotus flower-Our National Flower.



Planning to take Khwaish for nature visit to one of lake near to my place for Lotus view.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

View of Country-Independence day special.


This activity is fun plus learning for little kids and knowing different things about country.

We decided to create a View of India as a dedication for Independence Day.

I had an empty packing material of Chocolate box which we have used as mould to get the shape of Indian Flag and Khwaish had done lovely colour to the same.



We used Plaster of Paris as moulding material and oiled the moulds to take out the hard rectangle shape smoothly from moulds.Once we got our lovely rectangle shape,Khwaish did tricolor on the same beautifully, I made little circle in the middle as Ashoka chakra.

On another rectangle made Indian Map on which khwaish painted pink colour according to her wish.

Now keeping all our creations ,we added some of toy(although toys symbolizes something about India).DSCN1719

Well created a view where u can see Indian Flag,India’s Map,National animal tiger,national bird peacock and coin showing national emblem.


So friends how are you celebrating our Independence day?


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moulding and learning–Fun Time .


Introduced clay to Khwaish when she reached two year as a fun activity. Initially to enjoy different color and have fun, I just bought homemade clay from one of my friend as experimental tool .And when I noticed her little soft hands trying giving different shapes which were very cute according to me.At that time I made up mind that with couple of more months I will get pack of clay with molds.
So later I purchased funskool pack of clay to make her work little easy and interesting at same time. We had great fun playing with clay and giving different shapes to our imagination with the help of molds available with the same pack plus our own creations.


Now playing with those moulds and clay again and again made little one uninterested, so I took initiative to bring some change in the material and pattern of same activity. So this time tools were same but it just that we used Plaster of Paris (POP) instead of clay.

So we made all new shapes with POP and this time we decided the color we want to do. While taking different shapes from mold we got broken one which we gave shape as per our wish. And special thanks for Khwaish Grandpa in contributing towards the activity. It always fun to see Khwaish spending activity time with grandparents.
With same activity Khwaish had lot of fun and learning-
  • She developed her interest towards color.
  • Improved  sensory skills.  
  • Learned to give shape to her imaginations.
  • Since we had coloring session-start of coloring with brush.
  • Since  used POP used same creations as toy and gifted some to friends.
  • Great interactive and fun time with grandparent.
  • Trying new activity with same tool brought he interest back,so its like they want change.

Friends some time simple activity can be fun ,just do it differently in your style and add your magic to the same.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tricolor Hanging

Independence Day is coming near, so we planned activity for week to celebrate the zest of occasion.

So to start activity at our end I had interaction session with Khwaish and memories her about out last year Republic day session which she enjoyed thoroughly .She made National flag using green and orange little balls, prepared a chart with full knowledge of national flag, animal, bird symbol, map, tree, e.t.c.Plus we had family fun on the day doing hand printing in tricolor.




Repulic Day celebrations



For kindergarten going kid I thought knowing colour of our flag will be great achievement. Well with the celebration of Republic day event last year Khwaish is well versed with the colours of flag and idea of Indian flag. Whenever she is seeing three colours together she is telling “Mamma sees India “I feel proud of the same.

So this time activity was to one step ahead with interacting about national animal, bird, symbol, and some more fun.

So initially session started with having touch of colour ,so I gave white chart paper to her for colouring the flag and to my expectation she choose right colours from tube of water colours. On choosing the right colour can see the happiness on her face.Open-mouthed smile





Another activity came to our mind …We made small hanging using different shades of India colour (according to Khwaish) using waste CDs and pasting different national theme on each like national animal, bird and symbol.




First we pasted waste chart paper on CDs to bring better colour look on the CDs…Nowadays even pasting work is also taken care by her.She always feel great using colour and brushing.Got some lovely picture pasted them on CDs…inter connected all CDs and made lovely hanging.






This is first set of activity for Independence day although posting it later…more fun to come.




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