Saturday, May 2, 2015

Black kite special-Blog #100-Khwaish Photography

After four year of blogging, taking breaks ,reviving and finally I 'm glad I writing my 100th blog. In whole journey discovered so many ideas to be connected with nature and enjoyed process all the way. Nowadays blog has turned into birding page and greencrafting team is all fascinated to discover new colour everyday .

Black kite pic taken by Khwaish

Black Kite pic by Khwaish 

Indian Robin Male-Khwaish

So most recent was blogging story at international school near to my place where my husband goes for football fun. As I always say when it is about waking up early in the morning, our only MOTTO is BIRDING....we give company to him not for the football but for our hobby.

In school common bird like Myna, pigeon were there, but still more captivating sightings could be seen outside the school. I would like to mentioned about some of awe struck pictures of  Black kite clicked by Khwaish!!

In addition to black kite we watched some other birds too...we are lucky everytime to watch so many birds. Enjoy!!

Ashy Prinia

Indian Robin Female

Jungle Myna

White throated Kingfisher

Purple rumped Sunbird

Spotted dove

Black kite (Pariah)

Ashy Prinia Pair


Greater coucal far away
That day was dedicated to kite birding...we saw whole flock near to that school,and believe me this creature is astonishingly HUGE...initially i thought it is Vulture but that is rare view .

We have plan to explore that place more,let's see how much my husband plans going to favour us!!


Enjoy the clicks of day....................

Friday, May 1, 2015

Greater coucal to dream bird .

Saturday was one more fulfilling day ,it started with some sight s of greater Coucal which is staying in bamboo bushes near my apartment, few days back I have seen it during morning birding session ,just glimpse of it!!And I located its nest,pair is staying keeping eye on that place for many days(seen 9'o clock in morning and evening after 6),so my calculation was right .And spotted same around 10 near silver Oaks ,rushed with my gears to have pic....and BINGO, I got it!!Just hope sometimes can catch it with open wings, beautiful long bird with copper color wings opens like umbrella.

Greater Coucal

Usually I post blog and followed by pictures on my page on facebook, this time it is other way around. Last weekend Saturday we had preplan of going to Bommsandra lake ,again near to our place. Got to know about same because every year apartment is doing Ganpati visrajan at this place.
Fisherman checking nets for fish
So this time started on right time and reached lake at close to 4'o clock,and this time Khwaish's friend Prapthi accompanied us with her Camera, I guess I 'm creating whole team of Birders( :)))giggles).
First sight of few cattle egrets around the corner of lake, followed by few parakeet (difficult to catch them, due to their colour ...quickly hide inside tree).
I was super happy on this visit because could catch my dream bird Brahminy kite ,I mentioned it in my earlier kite blog....Yipeee!!It was bonus for us ,usually I have seen Brahminy in little small size in photographs, but one I saw was HUGE one really!!
Dream bird ...Brahminy Kite :)
 We tried our luck inside the farm also ,it was more of chirping than sights.Finally we decided lake view is better idea under a big tree,no wonder we were right .
So in the end this is what we could capture
Black shouldered Kite

Coppersmith Barbet

Purple rumped sunbird

Western Reef Egret





White breasted Waterhen

Green bee eater

Egrets Flying over in cloudy sky

Red whiskered Bulbul

Red wattled Lapwing





Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vacation Fun near home-Exploring Nature.

Waking up in early in the morning was never my cup of joy and taking extra nap in afternoon was always my pleasure,declaring rest afternoon for me. Now not anymore, I make my self privilege and make mom and birder in me ever ready.

Khwaish taking snaps of Asian Koel.

Although a confession,khwaish is getting addictive for new hobby.With no choice in hand ,waiting for Sun to drop some mercury,we(I,khwaish and Samarth)set for our birding expedition in Silver Oaks trees near our apartment.Its been more than a month Khwaish vacations has started,initially she wanted to have late start of day,say by 10'o clock. Now birding in mind and her daily checklist ,she is all set by 7'o clock which i must say is early for holiday kid.During this birding session near my apartment,we have explored lot of newcomer in our list. In fact recognised few,but could not take a shot...taking shot is very difficult,not all bird happily pose to get click.

Initially wanted to write blog with three different stories but at the end of day due to time constraint submerged three stories in one blog post.

First story is of course watching lot of perching birds ,and specially surprise of red vented Bulbul and red rumped swallow from close distance.

Spotted dove Pair

Indian Robin

Plain Prinia

House Swallow

Green Bee Eater

Pied Bushchat

Red vented Bulbul

Red rumped Swallow

Second story is all about chasing Cattle egret and end up in melodious voice of Asian Koel and exploring bird from close, looking in its red Eye.

Cattle Egret searching for food

Asian Koel

Indian pond Heron

Last story is of sunny afternoon which turned into rainy evening, with extra special view of Shikra Kite which we initially thought out to Black shouldered kite juvenile.

Shikra Juvenile
Black Kite

Shikra Juvenile
Spotted Dove

These nature rounds are great experience for us to explore and enjoying Nature's at flying.

From egret following cattles,n we follow them to, all day singing of mynas around us,Flying kites in sunny afternoon to
parakkeet showing their colour(green)to jumping to shades of tree.
From coucal showing glance n hide inside tree to wagtail splasing water near poolside

MOMENTS are full of surprise,excitement and action,
Cheers Ashu

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birding At Andaman Islands

Its more than a month now I'm back from my decade anniversary celebrations from Water paradise-Andaman Islands ,still hangover is there.

Beautiful sunset at bay of Bengal

Firstly i would like to mentioned place is heavenly with lovely blue beaches and white sand, touch of breeze on beach side is soothing experience.

Although my Facebook is flooded with different tourist spots experience, there is one which need to be unfolded from long back.
I'm talking about my special experience of clicking different bird species at different locations.

To sum up whole birding experience....saw wood pigeon,kingfisher blue throated,kingfisher white collared,
scarlet minivet, red-breasted parakeet, serpent eagle, red whiskered bulbul and few more at locations.

Check out some of clicks-
Andaman islands is heaven for birding ,its just matter of chance to witness different colour!!
My greencraftingkid team had real fun with, specially my younger one...trying lot of combination with sand dry leaves, twigs,shells  playing towards breathing the nature. Khwaish had her own exploration...playing with tides, sand play and collecting boxful of shells as memories of Andaman.

The whole experience was superb with different activities sand play, beach walk, birding, sea walk and much more .


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birding at Muthanullar lake-Surprise!!

Back after weekend exploration of awesome birding experience and watching few birds first time.To start up,its long pending planned destination to birding spot known   as Muthunullar lake,not many people know this.I came to know about this location from ebird tool which is online tool for birders and surely useful.

We packed up our bag with some neccesary stuff for kids and water,and all set to said location through google map n here drive in hope
to have some new birds. From my place we reached place in 20minuates ,quite close one. Some shop close by have no clue about this big lake on google.
We were trapped in confusion on this note, but raising our spirit high and follow instinct 250metre from the location according to google,
followed the instruction and FINALLY....
According to review and google map pictures i was expecting
a big water pool, but to my disappointment it was all dried up. No thanks to change in climate global warming.

I think we reached the place before appropriate time, it was sunny day. We opened account watching blue throated kingfisher sitting on a cable as usual which
later landed near a cow. Although dried lake was little disappointment still I'm happy to see a new addition to my list-Hoopoe,that too a pair.

In addition to these two saw Indian roller,bushchat,large pied wagtail,lark,Parakeet and few more.....

So it was yet another enjoyable and exploring experience with whole family.



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