Sunday, October 30, 2011

Green Visit-Lotus Special .

With festive season of Diwali coming to end,our energy and enthusiasm dipping.But thanks to sporting and lively spirit of my hubby Nitin, we are ready with our latest green exploration.




In spite of being working day for Nitin,he made sure to fully utilize the morning of Sunday to the fullest. Since Saturday had been quite hectic day ,we were not expecting much of action on Sunday,but no I was wrong!!




With cloudy weather in Bangalore nowadays,Yes rains at this time of year!!Thank god could at least enjoy bursting cracker being damp weather,Ok leave that part,another big story.




We were ready with our Sunday green visit.Sometime back in August at the time of independence day wanted to show Khwaish Lotus flowers.But at that time not a single one I saw,and nowadays its like ponds full of that.Our main pick for visit was Lotus view.





First  was big pond which we decided to catch while return drive due to parking issue.So I had beautiful flower clicking session initially,then we went to farm land where artificial pond with good number of Lotus in it.My hubby is very impressed to see that circle shape of Lotus leaves,also reminds me of pics in kids story books frog hopping over the same.Luckily,farmer of that land gave us some lotus and leaves to Khwaish which made her very happy.



Then while coming we stopped near that pond full of Lotus flowers where village boys were catching fish with Sari.What a great experience!!These guys were taking fish of tadpole’s size into water bottle,got some fish from them.





Lovely visit with view of lots of lotus and real fishing experience.

Album of complete visit-Lotus Visit.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recycle session-Circle Prints.


The month of October been hectic one ,reason being lots of festivals,shopping,home decoration and festive activity kept pace of blogging activity little slow.

With some time stolen from festive activity,one day we dedicate to recycling session which is always extra special time for us.





I had a my discarded sketch pen collection,wanted to extract maximum out of the same.We tried making some scribble out of the same,but I guess refill inside was all dry so sketch pen hardly pouring any colour out.

So we open the sketch pen from back lock,took out refill and time to play with colours.WOW!!! What a lovely colour mending machine we got.




One special observation from the session,when dropping  the colour drops on wet surface of chart paper,colour doing magical affect while spreading,Khwaish enjoyed the same and she was like’ ’Mamma Mera Dekho(Mamma See mine )!!





Once we were done with magical colour session,spread the same with painting brush.Now we want more,so we thought of using old sketch pen caps too.



Next was printing session,outcome was lovely….Khwaish made prints with almost all colour resulting in such a lovely printing material.I ‘m planning to make small notepad with same printed sheet.



That is why I say recycling session is always fun and creative too because not only used waste material but also session of observation,experimentation and blend of creativity.

How do find our recycling art session?Share your views.

P:S-Be ready for lot of mess in the same session.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Band first Music Jamming Session.

My home is full of art and music loving people.I myself found great love for art and craft related activity in past two years,my hubby Nitin found of music .The passion for music make him explore his love through singing karaoke of different singers.And the budding talent at my home Khwaish enjoys her each new activity with great enthusiasm and energy.
Recently went for weekend drive to a place called Chanapatna famous for wooden toy.We got wooden xylophone for Khwaish which looks like a bright rainbow,no doubts very eye-catching for kids.


And I have some other music roller coaster at home like drums,clarinet …Khwaish 's earlier music toys.So with hold of one instrument each , family ready for the jamming session.


Meet my band….

Presenting Khwaish on clarinet …..

And drums is taken care solely by my hubby Nitin….

Xylophone player kept  on changing….

Our motto to have the session was to just enjoy and have fun…No art lesson ,no basics,no making tunes,no notes to follow.Its just sheer enjoyment by our teamwork.
My band first jamming session videos….
Music Jamming of Khwaish-1
Music Jamming of Khwaish-2

So which instrument you are using to have jamming fun and who all are there in your band?


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dancing Letters.


When you have artistic child at home,anything can be given creative touch to the same.Nowadays  khwaish has developed her interest to write Capital letters in the notebooks and drawing sheets.

During her vacations one day during such letter writing I just wrote Big A on drawing sheet and gave eyes ,mouth ,nose,leg and hands to the letter,which is so sweet.So what are we waiting,our rest of letters waiting to get shape and different feature.




One by one Khwaish gave eyes,nose,mouth and even hair to all the  letters.No doubts making dancing alphabets is interesting activity.




I think doing this kind of activity is quite fun and learning for kinder garden kids-

  • Fun learning letters .
  • Giving imagination wings to artistic kids.
  • Creating interest for writing.
  • Learning body parts in living thing drawing.


I think learn to write for kids can be made more fun through different ways.Please share your ideas for the same.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creating garden from PATCH WORK.

Khwaish  vacations were quite engaging time for both of us ,and good time to explore and make discovery in our craft work.I would like to share one of those session.
Khwaish is all loving cutting papers with help of scissor and pasting same on a notebooks,so I thought let’s explore more  out of it.I gave her different colour paper sheets to enjoy cutting, in fact she wanted me to try hand…so we both had nice paper cutting time with the help of zig-zag scissor.


Since enough paper in different colour cut into small pieces ,she wanted to use it somewhere.Then the pasting session for same started and she pasted different colour cuttings without any order or sequence and felt like created her garden with different shades of colour according to her own words-Great observation from flower visit .


Now flowery garden needs to be decorated little more,so put glitter glue on each flower…oh I mean on each patch.Then she closed the book and reopened again , found lovely glow on the garden.


We named our new discovery “Patch work”.Khwaish feeling really happy of her new discovery.

Planning to make some greeting using same technique called –Patch work.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful vibrant Diyas.


First set of activity for the Deepawali(Festival of lights) is all done and we are ready with our Nature’s Made greetings.The one of most important aspect of Deepawali is Deepa or diyas .





Last year when I bought couple of fancy diyas,I made up my mind that time only to make beautiful diyas at home for next season,for the same purpose I kept some of my last year diyas preserved till now and got some new addition to the same.




Khwaish’s  Dussera vacations ongoing,festive mood, this is right to initiate my last years wish and to fulfill the same.So I took out all those last year diyas out,gave little wash to them.



Then we gave vibrant colours to Diya red,blue,yellow,green and orange to have base colour and kept it for drying up for one day,we have used oil paints for same I thought it gives that extra shine .





Next day Khwaish seems to be really happy on seeing dry diyas…..first thing she made was Mamma see Cap of Diya…





Now one by one we decorated our diya using glitter glue,some golden and silver colour shinning material.And finally we done with our dazzling diwali Diyas.






So here we are ready with our Diwali beautiful diyas, feels really great to put little effort to make diwali  a special one.

So what is your  plans to make this diwali special?


Do check full collection of Diya on Picasa-



Bringing colours to Feathers.


We have explore our love for birds through time to time by doing some activity or nature show case its own movie by displaying amazing experience ,one we had during witnessing nest formation.



And collecting knick knack's from nature is kind of hobby for us now ,like one people had of stamp and coin collection.We had whole collection of pigeon feather with us in different sizes,and the reasons behind the same lots of pigeon holes near to our place.




Khwaish been watching birds books since a  long time which she enjoys very much.So to bring the connection ,I thought let’s colour the feather according to our favourite colour birds and make these feathers full of life.




So one by one all feather are coloured and finally looking so vibrant in different colours.



The idea behind doing this activity was-

  • To relate different birds with different colour of feathers.
  • Since these feathers are really soft in touch,kids can feel and learn sensory skills…even khwaish gave these inputs.
  • Of  course bringing best from nothing.
  • Bringing your imagination to work.
  • Enjoying the paints.

So friends what are u making today with your collection?



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nature’s Greetings for Festival.


Khwaish vacations is on and even bells is ringing for making preparations for festive season Deepawali.My list for things is ready cleaning,decoration and many more.To give festival season our newly developed artistic touch ,planned to make greetings of the seaons using nature’s beauty and at the same time great creative output from Khwaish in vacations time.

My whole idea of making these greetings is bring our love for nature into canvas and at the same time share it  with friends and world.To start the work we had list of raw material:

Raw Material-

  • White paper Chat paper.
  • Dry Leaves
  • Flower petals-in different colour.
  • Glitter glue
  • Some blocks for stamping.

Nature’s Series

First collection of greetings we have done as purely nature’s creation,using leaves and flowers petals .For Deepawali we have made Deeps using leaves and flowers petals-

These set of cards made by cutting leaves into half and making diya , making leaf as flame of diya.




Next one Nature’s series comes the greetings made with help of the flowers petals-


We have pasted flowers petals to make these cards,in second background is block made prints which we have done long back,reuse the same sheet.

Nature’s Series full collection-




Second set of cards is inspired from a blog of my friend-Mommy labs.These cards are made with the help of flowers printing in different colour.


This set of greetings is flowers prints ones.

DSCN3358 DSCN3359




 Abstract greetings and painted one-

And last but surely not the least ,we have done cards with some abstracts and just colour and bordering.



So our festive art work is all started ,how about you?

Khwaish had wonderful time making these cards with me,from pasting,cutting,colouring all kinds of fun she had and of course lesson to use nature’s product for making lovely cards.

For more action of making the cards,check out card gallery-greetings gallery



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