Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Srisailam-Places to explore


Finally writing last week pending travel blog now.After Srisailam visit I realised, it will helpful for others planning to visit place,if  I will share my experience of place and journey.No doubt place is famous for its religious significance ,Malikarjuna deity temple and Srisailam devasthan.But other than this nothing much is mentioned on google regarding tourism.

I have already written one exclusive blog about birding and wildlife experience,this goes exclusively for only places to visit around and travel tips.

We started at 5.45am in the morning,and would like to share highway is very well maintained and traffic free,destination was 236kms away,duration of 4 hours,we took more as usual stoppage in between…Our stay was Haritha Hotel at Srisailam which is average place to stay ,government maintained hotel.


Journey is full of different land terrain mountains,lake,dense  forests, river bank which is indeed enjoyable experience and picturesque sight.

AutoTime for Hotspots

AutoNallamalla Forest  on the way is dense forest of Eastern ghat,spread across large area on the bank of Krishna river,rich in flora and fauna,definitely must visit place for nature enthusiast if going to Srisailam.I manage to click good numbers of birds and wildlife during my visit mentioned in my previous blog.

 green imperial pigeon

Green Imperial Pigeon

Start of moutain range

View of Mountains on the way..

AutoIn the middle of Nallamalla Forest comes Amrabad Tiger Reserve,Although chances of spotting tiger is very less,but surely will witness some deers,Langurs,birds and of course breathtaking view point at Reserve.

Welcome to Nallamalla forest


Posters in Amrabad reserve

Wildlife at Nallamalla Forest

Safari-View inside reserve

View Point of reserve

Safari family view


Safari time

Safari time


Giant Malabar Squirrel


Trail inside Safari


Tiger Statue

No Tiger only Statue


AutoSrisailam Reservoir was our next stoppage,I guess Monsoon is better time visit this reservoir to see full flow of river.Still loved whole aura of place,India’s 4th largest river Krishna,dam ,bridge ,view of zig-zag route absolutely marvelous .

Srisailsilum Reservoir


River collage

Collage of Reservoir and near by area.


AutoAPTDC Ropeway where one can go for boating on steamers ,quite enjoyable experience ,takes you close to reservoir and river close view.

Reservoir and boat trips

Boating facility



View of Krishna river in boating ride

AutoEcological Knowledge Park

This is good place to understand whole theory of evolution,kids will surely admire the place.Khwaish took keen interest to explore full area full of big Dino ,animal and birds Statue.

Ecological Park





AutoTwo places which we missed are Uma Maheswarm temple and Mallela Water falls.


Overall its just one night stay one can plan to cover the place.Anyways route is more beautiful than the actual destination.

Hope my experience will help you plan ur journey.All the best,Explore Srisailam.



Monday, January 16, 2017

Birding At Narsapur


It truly said world is very small place.Few years back during my search to find  name of bird which I clicked during my Munnar trip,came across beautiful birding Blog.And later got in touch with writer of blog through mail,now almost gap of almost two year got opportunity to meet Blogger,Birder and photography enthusiast  Sumeet along with his lovely wife Supriya.It was truly great knowledgeable birding experience with company of expertise,special thanks to both.It is challenging task to go for birding along with kids,yes quite tough to keep them quite,so that birds should not get disturbed forget about yourself.Anyways manage to click and do my bit.

As part of Migration season birding whole gang went and explore Narsapur forest along with my family.

Clicks of Birds-

Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher-First time got to know reason behind naming of Common Kingfisher because it is not at all common.


Black winged Stilt

Black Winged Stilts



Avadavat (Red Munia)


Shirke 2



Snipe flock

Flock of snipe



River Tern


Brahminy starling

Brahminy Starling

White breasted Kingfisher

White breasted Kingfisher


Red headed Pochard n Pintail

Common Pochard and Northern pintail (in the background)






Stilts in flight

Black winged Stilts in flight


Lake view

View of lake

It was so relaxing to just sit back and relaxing near lake shore,special thanks to breakfast treat from Sumeet and Supriya.

One more birding experience come to end…..


It was unique experience of birding along with expertise first time in blessings winter season.Hope to explore more birds before winter sets off.





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