Thursday, October 11, 2012

Toy Library in Bangalore-Learning Ladders


Toys plays important role in kids development from early years of childhood.Nowadays numbers of brands available in market to make choices for kids ,but the later part is once kids play with toy for long time, gets bored with the same and ,needs change or replacement of same,so at that time we realize ‘Is it wise to buy expensive toy every time or can we have option?Yes Friends here is your superb option to get replacement of toy ,when kids wants change,Answer is TOY LIBRARY.



Well recently I was contacted by founder of toy library Learning Ladders in Bangalore  Ms Anupma,she gave me details about the toy library how it works which is excellent concept according to me,providing best of branded toy carefully categorized according to age suitability ,making your work easier to chose the apt toy for your kid,and once you feel kid is getting bore ,you can go ahead and order fresh one.I know for parents hygiene is important concern while lending these toys,best part is toys are sanitized and cleaned properly ,so no need to be worry about hygiene factor too.

For me concept is eco-friendly ,very relatable as recycling with maintaining best of hygiene and can make our little contribution towards ‘Breathe the Nature’ which is close to my heart .I myself is looking forward to join the library for my little one.



A Word from founder of Learning Ladders Anupma is an online toy library, based in Bangalore, which provides an exclusive range of branded toys on Rent for children of 0 - 8 years of age.

Brands we Trust: Fisher Price, ELC, Melissa and Doug, Chicco, Leap Frog, VTech and many more...

Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them.

At Learning Ladders, we believe that every child has the right to grow and develop in the best possible manner. So, we have specially created a toy catalogue, with the help of child development experts, emphasizing on the holistic development of growing children, as it is utmost important to provide the right toy at the right age. To ensure child safety, each toy is Cleaned, Sanitized and Shrink Wrapped before it is deemed ready for delivery.

Learning Ladders extends a convenient option for parents by providing these educational toys, right at your doorstep, just a click away. Members can browse through the toy catalogue, on our website, and reserve toy(s) of their choice. The toy(s) would be delivered and picked up from their home, free of charge.


So are you ready make your kids early years of growth full of wonderful toys?Go ahead.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Khwaish’s B’day–Day 2 at Ooty journey continues.


With best of memories on the first day,finally its D-Day Khwaish’s b’day,my little angel turned 5.Her day started with receiving lots of wishes from grandmother and two aunts followed by phone keep on ringing in the morning.

So excitement has already began in nature’s way our day started with little birdies chirping which can be seen from cottage window…


Some are even in the pairs…..,lovely misty morning of Ooty.Good Morning Ooty!!


After beautiful welcome of the day at mother nature with best of of flora and fauna,we moved on for better part.Ok after getting ready for expedition for the day, we went to have well made idli breakfast by attendant of homestay in the dinning area which was yummy ,surely great energy pumper for the day.

The main attraction of the day at Ooty which we got to see through the day-

Coonoor-Passing through steep hill station roads,Tea Gardens in midst of Nilgiri mountains-Yes lots of tea plantation around Coonoor ,we have seen lots tea plantation during our stay at Munnar.The lots of Silver Oaks view in between these plantation.


Passing through Madras Regimental Cantonment area with shady roads covered with lots of trees we reached our next destination which was Sim’s Park.



Sim’s Park-Its very well maintained Park with lots of different species of plants which can be seen.Special attraction of the place was adjoining boat house with lots of fishes inside the same.I remember even bark of tree look so fascinating and different .

After enjoying boating session at boat house,and take lots of Nature’s click moved for next place.

DSCN0154DSCN0212DSCN0197DSCN0158 DSCN0215


Weather was treat on the day,clouds wetness can be feel inside the car,cold breeze flowing through all directions picturesque sights of mountains.



Doddabetta Peak –Weather glory was already at the peak when we reached Doddabettea Peak.K wanted to see telescope view of the place,so here she to see glimpse of St. Catherine waterfall and some tea garden.We bought some tea from tea shops at that place.(I suggest to buy tea at Tea factory because of price and quality)



Pine Forest and Fern-One more attraction of the visit was pine and fern,got lots of Pine back home(will try out something on them,have plan to fetch some more from Shimla very soon).



Tea factory at Dodabetta was our next destination where we got to watch end to end tea making process from cutting to packaging,got some tea from here too.We bought Ooty special homemade chocolate .


After Tea Factory visit we were done with the travelling of the day,by that time weather was awesome ,clouds can be seen and touched inside the factory,we started little bit shivering too,special thanks for availability of tea at the place to make us cozy.

Evening was reserved was  for my little sweetheart birthday celebrations ,she was full of excitement on watching special birthday party arranged for her at homestay even after lots of travelling for the day.I think cake cutting is most awaited part of b’day for little ones,so made sure she enjoy what she been counting to do for last 365 days.After delicious small samosas and cake ,we enjoyed our little get together with family followed by special Chinese dinner which was awesome.


So it was hectic day full of fun filled and lot of travelling………and My K has turned 5,looks like little big number but she is still my little angel.



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ooty Visit-Khwaish turned 5-Part 1


This year Khwaish has turned five and her birthday been special one with the presence of her grandmother and two aunts with her.So to make occasion more special we planned trip to Ooty to celebrate my little one’s b’day amidst of Nature blessed place.

We made booking in the homestay Marlborough House for our stay in Ooty which was indeed pleasant part of whole trip,big colorful garden in the front of homestay magnifies its beauty with variety of flowers and wooden benches to ease yourself.The whole family fell in love with the place,I would like to specially mentioned the obliging and courteous lady attendant of the homestay made our stay a memorable one ,with her quick services and smile on her face.



Our journey started in the early hours of morning,connecting Bangalore via Mysore highway taking us through Bandipur National Park.We were lucky to witness group of deer,peacock ,langur in the dense forest area.




Once we crossed dense forest of Bandipur next Madhumalai Tiger Reserve was on the way.First came across the view where old lady was catching fish,little strange how in the open she got guts to do fishing in the tiger reserve,must say brave one.



Next interesting story on the way,while crossing Madhumalai forest an elephant blocked the way for 20-25 min ,to and fro traffic was blocked ,in fact we were forced to take car on reverse mode,since these are wild elephant( we had one incident long back while my Waynard trip with elephant trying to come near car and attack while we were clicking its baby pics),so don’t want to take any risk and offend this big creature.With finally elephant moved to Jungle and we were all set free for our continuing journey.



By late afternoon we reached Ooty touching various destination in between ,relaxed ourselves with tea and my hubby after continues driving of 6-7 hours after long night shift went to sleep,in the meantime rest of the family planned to explore the homestay and beauty of nature.

So we had great time clicking beautiful,well maintained garden and lovely family time.End of the day one and little chirping bird saying bye for the day.




Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reviving Green visit.


After long time got some family time to explore Nature together,which is indeed energizing time for us physically,mentally ,meditational.

It all started as enjoying our ‘Breathe the Nature’ journey,got fascinated by green colour bird which I misidentified as Parrot. 



Then we got to see huge plantation of ridge gourd which is very similar to the grapes farming.


For Khwaish it includes the fun of trekking too in between the farm steep lane.



After walking and trekking for 10-15 minutes we reached other side of farm where we get too see some fruits,beans,some plastic covered land with lots of circle cut on the same(don’t know what was that) and lady taking her kids for drive(little shy to get clicked).






Yet again it was lovely meditational day for us to have green visit.I enjoyed clicking some birds.





Thanks for being part of my journey.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Different Shades of Sunset.


In last few years I find myself passionate about clicking Nature at its best and cherishing those moments.I feel each time nature is giving some lesson trying to convey something,its just I need to understand different vision using best of my ability.

“Sunrise paints the sky with pinks and the sunset with peaches. Cool to warm. So is the progression from childhood to old age.”

I’m taking sunset pictures from long time,infact got whole collection of same with me,since get to see really beautiful images from my terrace during evening.From long time I wanted to convert these images into colour ,so I gave myself a challenge and tried my hands converting this image into paints,although I ‘m not into painting ,I took this opportunity to learn.

So here I goes trying image of sunset in different version-First is sketch pen,wax colour and last one is acrylic paint.







This is something which I got inspired from nature and wanted to try on canvas from long back,I’m not trained in any form of colouring…just trying to learn things as it comes.

Looking forward to know your views and please share your inspiration from Nature’s.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Afternoon of Experimenting Minds.


I have been absent from my blog for long time,reason being little more occupied with home front and some health issue.And very frankly K did not want to do colouring related and craft related stuff,so it is perfectly fine at my place and decide & do what u enjoy as individual.For past one year blogging I did, activity with K because she enjoyed,creatively engaged.On that note first of special thanks to friends,family and readers who enjoyed my blog and encourage me during the journey.

Now back to our creative corner,today after long time K wanted to do something after coming back from school,came to me told “Mamma I want do something “.I was really happy to hear her words and thought what can we do,so thought something which she can relate going at school too.

K school got theme plans for kids every month like for current month Our Senses & body Organs and for young explorer they have experiment session with theme ’Sink and float’.I decided to dedicate this afternoon to satisfy curious mind,and do first time experiment session.

I was making lunch and told her that she can collect some of things meanwhile.She collected lots of material which include her box,stick,ice-cream stick,coins,nuts,stone.So I made list of things in order for her in sequential order and ready for experiment once I was done with lunch preparation.


I told her drop things one by one and observe whether particular object floats or sink to the bottom accordingly,she can write F(float) or S(Sink) in front of different objects.One by one with lot of excitement she enjoyed her experiment ,mentioned her observation as S and F….even she explained me if things are light it will float and if heavy it will sink which she learnt at school.

She had wonderful time experimenting and dropping different things in water,even got all drench in the water,changed her clothes after finishing the session.

I guess this little playful idea satisfy curiosity of little minds,so worth it!!

(Posting blog without picture fun,since hubby is out of town and Camera is not available to me)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5+ ideas to have fun with Match sticks.


It just started as thing to kill the time one evening which was Sunday and my husband is working.So duo of MOM and daughter too got something occupying.



t started as thought of childhood days,when sometime we used experiment with match stick to create different shapes.I just made simple house with these short sticks,watching this K got interested and wanted to try her hands.

Activity was quite captivating,so we moved to next level to try our 5+ ideas-

Idea No 1 -Started counting with the sticks 1…2…3..4…5…K having lots of fun same time.



Idea 2-Next was writing our name s with sticks….


Idea 3-followed by making some shapes…


Idea 4-We were enjoying together so much,even k did not want me to answer phone…I agreed.

Every evening we are going out to have playtime where we playing football,throwing the ball,we have connected above creation with our evening playtime.Oh K introduced that rackets on the bottom of page,one of her favorite one.



Idea 5-To bring the session to closure K has made abstract using Match stick and some chana dal.




SO what are you making today with Match sticks?



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