Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Collage-Showcasing all POP collection.


We been making Plaster of Paris (POP)creations from long time,even before getting into blogging journey.Initially started using POP in the moulds which comes readily available with Funskool clay kits.I remember ,first time we made some beautiful creation from clay moulder,and coloured the same which includes butterfly,heart,teddy bear,circle and others.


After that first start, trying experimenting with making POP creation which includes independence day,Dino park ,Rainbow candle and lots more.This time we have decided to showcase our all collection of POP creations in one project.

Since these are quite old creations which we been making since long time and even using as pretend to play purpose,so become little dull in color.So decided to fresh paint our creations.


So first applying fresh paints to our creations,making them bright and beautiful…



Once we were done with making their look fresh ,got one cover of gift box and pasted white sheet inside the same.And then our final job,pasted all the creation one by one in column and rows using fevicol.

And lastly made partition using glitter glue.

This is the final outcome.Our collage of POP in bright colour.




Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homemade Clay and fun unlimited!!

Another one week of vacation is left,then time to rejoin school.Khwaish is not very excited to go back to school routine,that’s a quite normal story at my place.So our last week of  vacations fun continues for now.
 Ok,friends this is first time I’m  putting my blog on homemade clay,got some ideas from friends blog.For making homemade clay Mommy Labs have perfect recipe,although I  have some missing ingredients right now,not a problem its my first time.
Khwaish  filled with so much excitement on watching this homemade clay(on her special demand I have used green colour).She started having fun time with clay, making small balls which is her one of the favourite in clay activity,first attempt of experimentation on homemade clay.


Then we moved to try some more fun with clay,made big chaapati roll from clay dough and had fun of  roller printer on the same,lovely imprints made by Khwaish ,quite fun for kid(quite a motivated idea from mommy lab),once she was done on one side we flapped the chappti to other side to try the same.
 Then with box full recycled caps,she had fun of making circle imprints,using same for extended fun.


Once she was done with imprints making,she made her imaginary cake using all bottle caps as cherry on the cake,and feasted me.


Last but not least was dessert serving,I got my share of ice-cream!!

Khwaish had good time sensory play with homemade clay and added fun of using recycled  bottle caps as pretend to play cake and ice-cream fun.
What is your favourite play with kids in vacations?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy afternoon-Full package of enjoyment from making boat to rain showers.Reliving childhood.

I feel sometime kids are in full charge mood,mother don’t have any plans to keep their extra motivated energy engaged.At that time Nature giving full surprise package to enjoy their enthusiastic mood to the fullest.
Today afternoon after completing our gardening session,thought to catch one nap.But sudden windy noise and cool breeze made me realize that  it will be rainy afternoon,so I got up again to pick up my dry clothes from the  balcony.
I was in no mood to go to terrace to enjoy rain showers today,so decided to silently watch downpour from my balcony and dancing tree near by,imitating same with Khwaish by rolling our waist in circular motion.yeah I know sounds childish…but fun.

Well could not restrict myself for long,Khwaish  was too tempted to try rain showers plus she want me to make some boats to float same rain water at the terrace.So here I go making as many as boat she wants,plus two umbrellas.
So she had lots of fun dropping boats in rain water,playing with rain drops,after some time she left umbrella and freely enjoyed rain shower.
Rain fun
Enjoying rainy afternoon reminds me of childhood memories ,when I with my family used to enjoy the rainy season with freely ,just fun used to be motive.
Its like reliving childhood days again,becoming child with my kid.


Gardening fun–Planting fun for Khwaish.


I wanted to this activity with Khwaish last month itself but busy schedule kept us waiting to start our planting activity little late.Yes friends today we had fun of gardening.Some days back I showed Khwaish plantation of an Aloe-Vera sapling in spare flower pot which she enjoyed very much and described it as really great.



It was in my mind to do at least one more gardening fun with her(we had one long back with her grandfather),so I thought let’s go for it.After having our lunch,Khwaish showed no sign of sleeping,so we went to little passage near our entrance door where I had couple of spare flower pots and plants.




Khwaish is enjoying her friend’s company in the morning which is in my apartment.While coming back from friend’s place ,we plucked some Basil seeds from plant today.

Now we are ready with some spare pots,seeds and Khurpi(hand hoe) for digging mud from flower pot.So first I started the job of digging mud,then after digging half the pot ,dropped the seed inside pot and later covered it with mud.Finally gave little water to the plant.I told Khwaish the basic idea,how that seed will turn into plant after few days and we need to water the plant everyday.Quite a interactive session with kid.

Now Khwaish was very excited to try her hands on planting the seeds.So here she goes……from digging the mud,dropping seeds and later watering the same.


She feel the sense of joy and proud after planting the seeds,and wanted to do some more.I want to  plant different variety of herb,so will bring some more from nursery to expand my garden with Khwaish.



Monday, May 7, 2012

Red robot-Recycling is so much fun and satisfaction!!


Summer vacation fun is going at the peak at my place.From some lazy morning to scheduled activity for the rest of the day,Khwaish is enjoying vacations to the fullest.She is planning her activity with me after ,night discussion before sleeping.Haah…. exhausting day for me.

Ok,friends I know you all will be busy with kids enjoying their vacations.

One day I did not have any full planned activity with me,so thought to try recycle magic.So here we go with the same.

Inputs Used-Got some spare box of soap,match stick, foil roll,spare button,juice box caps,sketch pen cap,safety pin,some foil paper,empty blade holder and some colours, glue.

First we have used the red color and coloured all the boxes in same colour.Once we got bright red color parts,time to put little magic on them.

  • On the head part pasted green colour juice box cap overlapped by white buttonas eye,nose of sketch pen cap,mouth of safety pin,ears are made from empty cap wrapped in almininimum foil.
  • On the body part some sequence work in line,spare button,blade holder.
  • hands made up of foil roll- again little color cap wrapped in foil paper adjusted in the hand.
  • Nothing much in leg-just colored glued together with rest of the part.

Its important to mention the details to know our robot well.This is total green product made from recycle product.



Well after long time made something with using all recycle material,it is really satisfying project specially way it has come out.



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mosaic Art-Make your imagination on board.


As a part of exploring new activity to keep our artistic soul busy,we thought to give try to Mosaic Art this time. I thought what can be really simple way for kids to try the same,So draw a particular picture on white chart with the marker.

I have drawn simple fish picture on white chart paper,rest is Khwaish’s Magic of pasting,although I can’t resist myself for long and tried little pasting fun.



Khwaish enjoyed making of Fish Mosaic so much that she wanted to do some more next day.So next day I offered her idea of making apple ,since we had red colour construction paper available with us.

So here comes Khwaish independent project,in fact she photographed picture herself.Since we run out of the stock of green paper,she told me “Mamma,I have idea to colour the leaves’’…..brought sketch pen and colored the leaves.


Planning to do some more Mosaic art in the vacations.Have you tried Mosaic art with kids,its Fun!!!



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer holiday-Making Finger puppet.


Holiday is giving us perfect opportunity to try the new craft activities.So this time while hunting for new activity we came across making of finger puppet quite known concept.

Although Khwaish seem to be  not interested while making the puppets,but she enjoyed little cutting and pasting part later once we started the process.She enjoyed placing all the creatures in line ,even enjoying putting them in her small fingers.


Making these bright coloured puppet is absolutely fun,kids get attracted with these bright colour creatures.So have fun with finger puppet-

  • Encouraging their motor development skill-cutting ,pasting and sticking the small parts.(please be around with kids to help while cutting,pasting and sticking,since parts are very small for kids to handle independently.)
  • Puppets can be used later for story telling process which is already in our list.Use different sounds modulation for story telling,kids will have feel of animal(add roar sound for Lion).
  • Puppets can be used to later to discover what they eat,where they live,will fun for kids to explore through play process.
  • Differciating them into bird and animal kingdom,you can make some more,and play the game of differciation.
  • Bright in colour-Can play colour recognition games with small kids.

There are numeral games you can play with kids using puppet ,I’m sure your kid will have fun while learning too.

So go and explore your own games with finger puppet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Solar System-Mixing balls with clay play.


Khwaish is enjoying her summer holiday to the best,In fact peak summer restricting our moment to home.We are exploring our own ways to do activities time at home.


Last month I bought this book ’The solar system '  by Harper Collins publisher from Sapana book house to start the little discussion on solar system,vacations giving us perfect time to explore the same.Although at the time of full lunar eclipse I wish to start this topic little earlier to enjoy the shadowing moon process better. Nevertheless,its never late.


We started the things with the first page watching colourful planets rotating in their orbits.

Now we took out different plastic and rubber balls collection from our toy cupboard and made them in line just like different planets,we were lucky to have some different  colour and sizes balls plus we have one perfect Earth.



Started placing the things with big yellow coloured ball as Sun followed by our Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn(rings were made using cooker gasket),Uranus,Neptune and Pluto(not mentioned in the book).


To take the and enjoy topic little more,we change our inputs,took out our clay box.Now time to make our different planets using different colour clay,enjoying rolling process made different planets.

Placed all the planets in the line.


Different versions of Saturn…



Planning to have some more sessions on the same topic,please pour your ideas to explore the topic in interesting way.

Meantime you can enjoy theme party inspired of the same topic by Mommy Lab,have fun!!




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