Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun time–TATTOO for kids.


First day of Khwaish Vacations,time to unwrap activity session.

I had fun activity for Khwaish, Since i have noticed her new developed interest in Tattoo.She went to her field trip and came up with really lovely Tattoo of flower which she showed me with lot of excitement in her eyes,although in the morning she showed with her displeasure of going school.I knew it will be fun day for her ,so convinced her with lots of tricks….I m happy that she enjoyed her day.


Yes friends …First fun activity we choose for vacation fun was TATTOO.

Started things with drawing flower picture on Khwaish’s  hand with the sketch pen…




Then I gave her option to choose colour of the flower she wants….She choose the colour ,I painted it.I have used Fevicryl water colours.




She seems to be enjoying it and demanded me another one on left hand too.So I here I go with making little butterfly.




Now she wanted to give a try to the same…I told her to use paper to do trial,but she insistently wanted to do my hand.Without making her upset,sportingly I offered my hand for TATTOO…work was in progress,call came on my cell and I got little distracted.By the time I finished my call , I had ‘Oh my GOD’ expression on my face.Here comes the sample of same….kids you know.




TATTOO activity was fun at home with kid…

  • Give wings to their imagination.
  • Let them explore the magic of colour play.
  • Fun…


Enjoy!! And Show off your Tattoos magic with kids.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recycled Rainbow.

Using recycle material moulder is fun all together.Last month while doing one of activity for independence day  theme we used to old chocolate box packing material as moulder …so this time we decided to use a old plastic bottle as moulder and primary item is same Plaster of Paris(POP).

As a part of a rainbow celebration month, hunting down and covering as many as rainbow we could ,so mixed the theme rainbow with recycle. Started the activity as an experiment .

To make my moulder ready ,cut the top of bottle with a pair of scissor …all set to start.Now my idea was to make POP paste by mixing adequate water to it and later mixing the colour with the same..although I was not full satisfied with colour final result ,no issue since I mentioned this is experimental basis project.

First color we tried making was Violet…and followed by rest of VIBGYOR colour.

One after another colour tried making layer of the same and in the end come up with beautiful(I guess so!!) CANDLE STAND of lovely colour.
While making Stand could not click much as our hands were in really messy state .

So friends how is it,our experimental creation?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Clay Magic-Rainbow fun.

Clay Magic was fun for Khwaish from the time she reached age of 18 months.Her first play fun was one I got from friend which was homemade ,to be on safer side since at that age kids often put things in mouth.OK,that’s quite old story from my side…new for this month is Rainbow magic .
So with this blog mixing my old memories and some new thought of clay magic and rainbow fun.Last week we went for some books shopping at ‘Sapna book house ‘ for some purchase of gift for a friend’s kid b’day and pick new set of clay box from there.
Its always fun to open box of anything which is close to you,I guess some special feelings are attached to same,is it really?Well with bright lovely clay we started making long snakes in different colour,its so much fun for kids to do that…even I enjoyed .

Once we were done with different colours snakes ,time to arrange them as beautiful RAINBOW…

Khwaish desperately wanted to use other tools first was Knife.

So more refined Rainbow available…

Now next was using our old extruder to create some more fantastic view.

Look at the lovely view we created together…
To sum up above creation…scenic mountains,drizzling clouds,tress with full of fruits,down black oceans,sun and of course Rainbow.
So session was pure fun and entertainment for Khwaish and me ,yet another way to explore rainbow magic.

To end up the session we made a Octopus and flat chappatis of differnt colours...


Share your ideas to make more rainbow.

Masti with home made colour.

Hunger for exploring rainbow theme is on for all this month.With successful experiments on the topic our motivation is on high with lovely appreciations from facebook and blogger friends.
Well to continue the exploration and hunt for some more rainbow themes,we made homemade VIBGYOR  with mixing colour with Maida(flour) and recipe for same is hunted from blog Mum Paints Lives.
And with this no craft no colour ,just fun was our motto.Khwaish was very enthusiastic to make the colour  but at the same time I only know how much mess created in my Kitchen slab.Without worrying about whole mess we were back to our canvas….
Since we enjoying rainbow theme,started the things with Violet colour.From incomplete circle to tits and bits of colour everywhere on Chart…Next indigo was looked like cloudy spots on with violet …Khwaish Squeeze till last drop of the same…Blue was again fun ….Green she could not resist herself and included hand for colouring… …Red.


This is exact view of white chart paper after colour drenched…..Each time we were using the colour writing the starting letter with the same colour to make VIBGYOR note on the top.


This was not enough,She made butterfly imprints,trains tracks and just finger play on colour gave her immense pleasure.Although this is unplanned activity but amount of satisfaction Khwaish got by same is complete.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainbow colour caterpillar.

In the first week of September I started an activity with Khwaish  out of rainbow love –Nature’s creation Rainbow.To continue the same project we have done more action.
Using the paper glasses left after Khwaish’s Birthday we have try to explore the rainbow colour caterpillar quite inspired by Eric Carle book ‘The  very Hungry caterpillar’


Initially activity started as fun to colour the glasses in different colour which was fun for Khwaish later her friend Khushi also joined us …more the merrier.


Both the girls did excellent job colouring the glasses in different colour.

Now we are just ready with our VIBGYOR glasses and since some days back only we have read the book ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’  image is fresh in our mind.So I brought some toothpicks and connected all coloured glasses with the help of same,so we are ready with our rainbow colour caterpillar.



Again this activity of making rainbow colour caterpillar was fun and excellent team-work of Khwaish and Khushi.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Flower visit-Feel the colour magic of Nature.

Our love for flower is quite evident from our collection of books on the same topic.


And at regular intervals to keep our interest entertained we have gone for couple of flower visits too.With no second thought Sunflower garden visit was one heavenly visit we had till the date.

Even last year itself when Khwaish turned three we started the series of  visits which I have named as ‘Breathe the nature ‘ includes several flower garden visit from one inside the green house(Gainda flower),Rose garden(which is khwaish’s one of choicest) and so on.


Due to some reason I could not send Khwaish to school today.Since hubby is night shift to create peace environment with Khwaish around becomes a challenge for me on such situation.
God always gives a way when u need one…there is one beautiful temple near to my place and near to that temple Picturesque flower garden.With our Daal Parantha rolls me and Khwaish got ready for our expedition.

Panorama 1

And rest is something which kept both of us bowled over.It was me ,Khwaish and our Camera.This visit was awesome with fluttering butterflies and roaming dragonfly over the garden,different colourful flower,leaves,different plants,bell ringing from near temple….I call it absolute blissful day.
Sharing  some of clicks-I urge you to go through whole album otherwise you will miss some more action.Smile
For more pics-

Panorama 2

Once we were done with flower garden went to temple for darshan .
Khwaish had a full action packed day.
God bless us!!


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