Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Sparrow day with black Pigeon.

Through friend post I came to know that 21 March was World Sparrow day plus some added information in newspaper.
(Friend’s Blog- loving all the aspect of the bird activity we been doing from making bird house,watching them making their nest and simply great time taking pictures from my balcony and terrace whether its pigeon,sparrow,eagle or crow.
Activity-Nature's colour

Luckily very close to Sparrow day , experienced something very lovely .
Last week Khwaish and I saw a lonely black pigeon on our terrace who was wondering there alone ,it was quite comfortable to let us little close but was not letting us to touch him .We followed him for quite long time in the evening,even offer some biscuits we had that time,pigeon ate some biscuits too.After our little play session and observation of pigeon we got back home,even pigeon hopped on to the water tank.
But could make out something was wrong with the poor bird,but don’t know what is that.
Yesterday when Khwaish went to school,to take some walk I went to terrace and to have feel of Sparrow day, I met this black pigeon again.Immediately I got some rice grains and water for him from my home.

Initially ,I just kept grains in bowl,but pigeon did not eat any.Later I throw some near him and to my surprise he started eating same so fast,I guess very hungry but feeling little scared .Later I shifted bowl near him,pigeon had nice time eating grains very fast.

I wish  Khwaish to witness the same ,great pleasure to see this bird eating.I made some videos for Khwaish and you all.I feel little satisfied also.But still thinking why the colour is black and why pigeon is alone?I just hope things will be fine with that bird.
Video of Black Pigeon.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little touch of Princess at home-Making her Crown.


All these days those lovely princess/fairy advertisement making Khwaish tempted to go for one of those Barbie,by the way she wants purple doll this time not pink one(quite surprising).So thought to go for one session she can enjoy and little feel of princess at home.

Ready with craft material,cut the white chart into long stripes…



With the help of glue Khwaish  pasted long colourful stripes(b’day decoration paper) on the corner of white sheet,complimented same with some star sticker available.

Activity-Hat Making


Later I gave her little rectangular shaped cutting which she can paste on her crown and named the same,She enjoyed the same,since lots of letter in her name space was little less,I guess I would have cut little bigger stripe. .Once the crafting part was done,I helped her to make roll of that long stripe and made stapled the same .


Here comes our colorful crown.



Please check one of the Princess feel theme great idea by mommy labs pretend to play princess party.


So how you make your little one wish to be princess true?Share the ideas.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recycling fun-Spinning Cd turns into colourful Top.


We always love to try our hands on crafts using recycle material.Since we were in crafty mood,but with no clear plans in mind about what we can do.So to explore idea ,opened our treasure box(our Jennie box),here we goes with some recycling project.

We got some old CDs and  added waste sketch pen(discarded one) for our project.I was quite excited to prepare something which Khwaish can  enjoyed later.(Overjoyed already)

Started things by tracing circle on chart with the help of CD,later gave it to Khwaish to extract circle from paper(cutting work).She always enjoy cutting work ,so much fun for her,already declared that she wanted to use left out paper after cutting for something else(suspense for me).



Once cutting work is done,glued the CD and pasted round  on CDs and divided circle into different parts.Basically pasting part is done to get best of the colour on paper surface.

Flowers with pencil shreds


Time for the best part which we always enjoy thoroughly,its nothing else but the pleasure of painting,playing with colors.At the end of paint play,CDs converted into beautiful color plate.

Top Making project1


Now Final step to punch sketch pen in the middle hole of CD and make colorful TOP which Khwaish enjoyed very much,struggle to spin in starting.Next also she had great time showing her TOP to her father.



Although it was session supposed to make colorful top, Khwaish  had fun different activity simultaneously.It was converted into three wheels,balancing towers and so on.

Top Making project2 

Which recycle playful idea your kid enjoyed very much?



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giving Life to Sticks-Creating a Wish Tree at home.


My little daughter is very fond of collecting treasures of nature nowadays  whether it is feather,leaves,flowers ,e.t.c.I guess she is feeling close to nature by collecting these gems and later use her imagination to create her own piece of art.



Now this time it is dry sticks which she collected while going off to school, and very specific to me to take it home while hopping in bus.So I brought those sticks with me as per wish of my Khwaish.



So we all set to use these dry sticks,we have in mind to create our artificial tree.First thing we used for same,empty juice bottle, cut down its head to pour sand into same later.During one one of after playing session in the ground in the evening ,collected some sand.

Khwaish was holding all sticks in all direction according to way she wanted her tree,I helped her to pour sand into the bottle same time.



Once our branches were ready Khwaish joy became double,she wanted to keep it natural ,so no use of paints.But at the same time wanted to beautify this tree.

Tadaaaaa……comes my recycle treasure,these are all caps of sketch pen(discarded).I gave different colour caps to Khwaish ,she started her work,making cap balance on corner of branches ,added by little blue bird.




Last weekend I got some ribbons for crafty purpose which Khwaish is tempted to use.So here she goes  cutting,knotting and placing ribbon on a tree.



At the end of session this is the final look of our tree…since we have cut lots of ribbon and tied on the tree,it reminds me of wish tree culture which we follow in India,considered sacred .I guess our wish tree will fulfill our  wishes.


So what’s your wish from Khwaish wish tree?




Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revisiting old memory,adding some fresh ideas-Birdie got pond.


No doubt doing this project is like revisiting my old blog and adding little freshness to the same.Last month during one of vegetable shopping session Khwaish picked  up three potatoes(unusual shape) for her coloring session,she wanted to try duck coloring again,but I guess she had some memories of old session plus some added  fresh ideas in her mind.

These potatoes waited almost two weeks for their final touchup stage because Khwaish brought those potatoes,forget about same and even got out of my mind to try the same.So they waited in my kitchen silently for their turn to come .



I remember the day when we have done colour of nature –colouring flower garden project,current project was the extension session.

It was  started by khwaish ,giving bright yellow paint to her ducklings….Once ducklings were ready ,we gave them beak using pencil lead during the pencil shaving time which was used in  other project.Now little birdie wanted house and place to roam.



Then one more day was dedicated for making landscape for duck lings which was the result of the discussion with khwaish,she wanted to use blue colour for water .Once little pond was ready she started putting some brush imprints with white colour,on asking she confirmed same as fish in the pond.I ‘m overjoyed to see her imagination on canvas.




Once she was done with water part,next started using green.Quietly kept on watching her work,later she declared it as her house written H (learning phonics nowadays).



Later in the we coloured  sheet in full blue and set our three little ducklings floating over the little pond near Khwaish’s house-must say beautiful dream house.She wanted me to paint one house in black over her H….So here it goes.



Little closer picture of the same.



So its like revisit to my old blog adding up little more meaning to the same,this time its Khwaish idea and I’m here to present it.



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating Festival Of Colours through Flower Garden.


Sometime even unplanned activity comes close to the festival  of season.Yes ,started same thing as sharpening the our pencils,and tempted to start activity .



Initially it started as thought to use pencil shavings as flowers…



But later thought to add  spare flowers of  family tree which comes as DIY ready to made craft kit , Khwaish completed yesterday itself.



Once we were done with an orange flower,time to put all shavings pencil flowers on board,used fevi-glue to stick all shredded flowers on board.



Now thought to experiment on the recycled board with brush prints using beautiful bright colours.




Now wanted some butterflies in our flower garden since garden is already very bright ,used yellow colour to bring fluttering creature into life.



I forgot to mentioned about green colour which symbolizes leaves and rest of green elements of garden.


Finally some finishing work used sketch-pen,outline to little details.I’m just loving unintentional effort got us into different shades of colour which is main idea of our festival ’HOLI’.


I never thought exploring colour from flower garden could possibly one of the best idea to touch theme different colours,feel like close attempt to celebrate the Holi on the canvas.




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