Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Treasure Hunt-Phonics learning.


Some days back I mentioned on my Facebook page that Khwaish is learning letters sound nowadays (Playing with letter and learning Phonics).To bring more fun element to Phonetics recognition ,we planned treasure hunt involving the same.




So first we cut some colourful paper to prepare clues .On Clue paper front side  I wrote  the letters like B ,then Khwaish and me said Bah Bah and tried some word starting with the letter B  example Banana,ball,bat e.t.c ,On the other side of clue paper drawn the picture of something which starts with B letter . Once Khwaish recognizes the picture right,she is on to hunt for treasure which is the form of colour paper with star on it.






I hide different clues in the room and even in the kitchen according to pictures on clue paper.We did same for A B C and D letters.So once I said START…this running and jumping session on at my place,some pictures are not very clear,so I gave the hint what the picture stands for.




Once she did hunting for all stars,she made treasure hunt clue for me and told me Mama this is cat and find it.And My little innocent baby hide the same clue in front of me telling me ‘’Mamma I m hiding same inside the cupboard.’’





Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book characters came out.


Sometime we need not put extra thinking session to plan our art and craft session,it just come instinctively as extension of reading session of  story books at bed-time .




Although we have read  the same  book  3-4 times before ,but never thought or plan any session for the same.I have collection of some knick knacks into my craft treasure which I feel we could utilize somewhere .

For the current session we have used scrap roller of foil paper used to keep food fresh.We had three big roller and I cut each one into three pieces to increase their numbers.And we coloured the roll in different colours to create the body of the animals according to the description in the book.





Ok,now let’s have little story telling-Story is about naughty monkey who coloured different animals of  the jungle in different colours starting with snakes and frogs in multicolor and green respectively to create colurful view in the dull and boring jungle.

Once he coloured snake and frog,his confidence grew stronger and moved to other animals.Next in his list was Giraffe,leopard,bear,lemur,zebra….although elephant is not there in the story book,but we created.

Now we were ready with the bodies of the animals,I did my drawing work to create the different animals faces.I hope you will like same,after long time tried my hands on drawing with the help of pictures in the book.




Now we are ready with the bodies and faces of the animals,time to put soul in the same,sorry I mean joining the both and creating animal.For the same we used fevicol and pasted face of animal on their respective bodies.Khwaish really excited to see final product of animals.




Now planning to use same for story telling session with Khwaish.Never know we can create our own story with these animals.




By the way I forgot to tell you that since this naughty monkey coloured all the animals without telling or asking  them,in the end of story these animals coloured monkey’s bumpy with blue colour.Winking smile




Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making our own story book.


Khwaish had a great time at school with ‘Fun week’ .Last Thursday she had movie day at school,went school in Jeans and T-shirt as a dress code.




After coming back from school,I had fun session,yes you reading it  right,I had fun session.She made me rabbit and herself become tortoise ,and together we played role play of the story.Initially ,she told me to walk   run fast,she herself being tortoise walk crawl  slowly.These are some moments from that story telling session.

Same day we read /play game of story telling which is gift from one of my ,in fact Khwaish’s friend….You have set of cards to tell the story book seeing the picture on cards.Its like two stories set of cards were there…I numbered the cards in the order of story flow.We had nice time playing it.



So next day when she went to school ,I made some cuttings  from old story books and magazine to create her our own story book with same idea.




Since Khwaish knows rabbit and tortoise race story well,I decided to create story book for the same.

Ok ,now on cutting I  numbered  the back of pictures in sequence of story…like below is page no.1…with happy jungle with all animals.Its just that rabbit start fighting with poor tortoise,and told tortoise you are very slow,I’m very fast….





The king of the Jungle Lion announced a race contest between rabbit and tortoise….



All animals watching….Race is on…



Fast Rabbit jumping and running fast…..Tortoise going slow.




Now after completing half way,rabbit is sleepy,thought getting some sleep…”Anyways tortoise is very slow’’ he said to himself.



But after sometime,when birds starts chirping rabbit realized,he slept little more….then he started running…by the time he reached the finish line…tortoise already won the race…going slow and steady.



From then onwards…rabbit never brag about himself…and they became friends.



So moral of story….Slow and steady wins the race.

Khwaish just loved whole session of making her own book….I suggested to name it as …



She felt extremely happy and showing same to her Father…and together they had reading session.



I also enjoyed the story book making session very much.I m just working on different ways to motivate Khwaish’s  love for books.



Bubble and Straw PAINTING.


Last week I bought some food colour for some experiment purpose.Although experiment turned out to be little flop one,so we used same material for some other artful session.





We had some food colour  and Fevicryl  rangeela  colour available with us.We mixed same with soapy water.With the help of straw,I started raising the bubble in the solution which keeps falling on chart paper making lovely imprints.

Khwaish seems to be more interested in bursting the bubble.So she kept her hand on bursting the bubbles.




Finally she wanted to try her hands on straw,so here she goes.She started blowing air on the patches of wet colour-Yes Straw Painting.




This is Masterpiece after straw painting session ….



Once the colourful base is ready,we have  dedicated same painting for Khwaish’s grandma B’day which is on 21st Nov by adding some more colours to the same.

Happy B’day to Daadi from Khwaish.





Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Number fun With Prints.



Khwaish enjoyed finger and hand printing very much,since the time she used to be only 18 months old.Now she is in learning stage going to Pre school, we came up with little idea to mix counting,prints and logic together to have some fun time .

First day of fun started as cutting work,we have got all numbers from old calendar and stick it to the chart .So first day it was just cutting and pasting numbers in order 1..2..3…4…till 20.




On the second day,we had real fun time session.Ok ,for this I told khwaish we  will prepare pattern of colour prints with mixing two colours prints,it feels like doing dance moment1..2..1….2..1…2. She took pink colour her favourite of course…and I got yellow.





She started with pink prints on Number 1….Then for two, Pink and then yellow my turn…for third pink..yellow…pink…and so on chain is formed and pattern is created to make her understand creating simple pattern….Its like finger dancing 1..2…1…2..she enjoyed.






For Second sheet we introduced two new colours ….and on third sheet she wanted to use brush prints…




So it was fun session by making our own sheets of counting….I m finding some more ways to counting as fun play with Khwaish because early learning for kids should be fun play not tedious boring routine work.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Extension to Mint Farm.


I’m happy to write about our harvesting experience.Few months back during the Khwaish Dadaji(grandfather) visit,we jointly created a farm-A mint farm.Last weekend we went to our little farm and done harvesting of mint crop from same,I m really happy to see the smile and excitement on khwaish’s  face during cutting the mint leaves with the help of the scissors.



I ‘m glad that she could experience the process of farming through the little joint effort,special thanks to Dadaji too.In between she is showing me joy of seeing her mint leaves grown all over.

Well to continue our green project ,we had sown coriander this time….



One more addition we made to our farm is fence.We made fence with the help of the broken tiles….



I guess we will have to wait for couple of more months to reap coriander crop.

Overall this green project is giving us opportunity to bring ,little green ideas into reality.




Khwaish had conversation with her Dadaji regarding crop cutting,she happily told her grandpa about same ,I enjoyed same conversation and bonding always.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Printed Notepad.


The August is month in which Khwaish Birthday comes,and I am so glad that her grandparents makes sure to be with her on the same.My little daughter who turned four recently is always happy and excited to see her grandparents because of love and pampering she gets from them.

Khwaish  always look forward for art and craft making gifts which her Daadi(Grandmom) bring with her.My Mother in-law is trained instructor of Fevicryl Company ,done lots of colouring,crafting activity in different schools and at home which is now restricted to grandchildren's. I m always impressed to see their energy, lively spirits to bring and discover best out of Khwaish and life.

Ok,this time my Mom-in-law brought blocks used for printing on paper or fabric.We got one chain of leaves print block…..So all started.

Initially we started with making leafy border to chart paper,then gave little flowery corner to the same.



After completing the same pattern on four sheets,Khwaish wanted to use her roller printer(Fevicryl hobby ideas),so time to use the same.I guess kids will need help for that ,since you need to press it really hard to obtain the prints and need to pour colour in sponge first rather applying directly to roller,otherwise results are not satisfactory.





Once we were done with this ,Khwaish all set for her trial session to use other roller and blocks.




Well we tied all the printed sheets together and made our lovely notepad with the specially design cover and added some coloured sheets to the same.




Monday, November 7, 2011

Crafty Vacations


Posting the blog little late about book exploration .During Khwaish’s vacations we had enough time to do the things which we love to  without any worries of right time.


This book is from VIKAS publications name fun with craft(amusing assembly craft) perfect for kids above three year .



Book contains some template which can be easily extracted from book,and just follow the simple instruction of folding and pasting to make beautiful creations.

Things we have made from book are puppy,seasons greeting in drawing book,little fairy (Khwaish’s favorite),tribal mask,decorative lantern(for diwali season),fancy baskets.







It was fun making those creative things from books,Khwaish play with those things and sharing same with her friends.



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