Saturday, July 30, 2011

Butterfly Day-Celebration with color and craft.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Butterfly art is one of favorite topic for Khwaish.And I think nature has made butterfly absolutely lovely creature with bright color and carefree flights, hopping on flowers nectar for their food. Even enjoying clicking them although it is really tough task to catch this fluttering creature.


So it was great opportunity for Khwaish to learn that Butterfly actually comes from caterpillar during whole butterfly day session.
Today activity is named as ‘butterfly Day’ as per Khwaish suggestion and wish.
We tried different idea to create butterflies act-
  • Started work with pasting caterpillar on sheet of white chart paper which is full of life. After all butterflies comes from caterpillar.
  • Now next comes the butterfly in different colors and shapes added some flowers to same to have their food easily accessible. Used some glitter glue for 3D effects to the same.
  • On same sheet added one ribbon butterfly...
  • Cut out from discarded coloring book is used to make the butterfly hanging by pasting same on old waste CD.
  • One black color butterfly greeting card.
  • One of the ideas was to give life to our different color butterfly through toffee rappers in green, yellow, and red coloured.
  • Without color Khwaish feels any craft session is incomplete…so one butterfly with hand prints.
  • Simply using waste decoration ribbons of birthday party for butterfly effect.(old one for earlier craft session).

Butterfly made our day really colorful and bright.

 Friends share your idea about making butterfly.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Season vegetable-Exploring the cauliflower and cucumber farm.

It all started with just having a view of that farm from far when we were coming back through this farm road, Khwaish caught some view of land which was in raw form and getting ready for some new crops of the season.


So we decided to catch the glimpse of this season crop on particular land.
After one month we went there again and astonished to see big leaf of a crop bloom like a flower and with easy guess we know this is cauliflower. At that time I told Khwaish that we will have to wait for some more days to see cauliflower from all these crop….But I tell you  kids are inquisitive.



We were little late to catch the action of cucumber plants since all cucumber already plucked from plants and filled into bags.


Above is cucumber plant…


Lima beans in dry form…clear view of beans.


One more attraction for the day was lima beans and cucumber.

I guess this particular of “Breathe the nature “ made us learned so many things-

  • How farmers make land prepare before placing seeds.
  • How cauliflower plant looks like in the initial stage of growth.
  • Recognizing the lima beans and cucumber plants.

My little khwaish plucked some beans and brought it along with her to home as rewards for her nature exploration.This project is very special,since after learning the driving its me and Khwaish  together first time for nature project,although miss husband company at the  same time.


Will update on more of green story in my next blog.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let your imagination flow with colour!!

I think whole idea started three and half years back when khwaish is born. When she reached the age of nine weeks…we decided to take her foot and hand imprints on her baby record book (precious and very close to my heart).

Hand and foot prints of little khwaish at ninth week.

So when khwaish turned two and half year and I discover her love for colour , started rolling with ideas to do some activity with thumb and hand prints.
We just started with hand prints in different colour; I guess good idea to just start the things.

Different colour hand prints..

First full-fledged and meaningful experiment with hands and thumb print was making a teacher’s day poster for playschool teacher at her playschool. Simple and sweet gift of love from little khwaish to her first teacher outside the home.

Teacher's day gift to preschool teacher.

So after successful first experiment we made angel in two shades…

Angel in two shades .

Some of our more work with hand and thumb prints includes fish and tortoise making ,Pyraelal’s (tortoise) house imprints with not to forget creating the base is also created.

Fish(small and Big) plus turtle.

Pyarelal's house.

This is just begin to your imagination you can make flower, horse, butterfly, tree with stem, greeting and lot more things with hand and thumb printing.

Simply hand print in different colour...good idea for card making,flowers with thumb printing,Khwaish enjoying printing,Sun and horse on left.

So what are u waiting, have simply great fun and experiments with little kids. I can give guarantee they will enjoy it.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making a Bird House-Taking nesting experience a step ahead.

Watching birds from balcony all these days and observing them making nest (Real Nesting Experince !!!) was wonderful experience for Khwaish and me .So to take this experience one step ahead, we decided to make a bird house at home for little sparrow. Since rainy season is all on we thought it will be great help to little bird and learning activity for us at the same time.

Presenting Bird house...

    So friend’s first step for same was to get raw material for the same…and for bird making we had enough raw materials in our craft treasure stock.
    ·         One spare card box.
    ·         Some white chart paper
    ·         Colours
    ·         Two discarded Cds.
    ·         Two paper and two plastic glasses.
    ·         Bird picture from old discarded colouring books.
    ·         Plastic sheets
    ·         Bird feather
    ·         Lots of glue and cello tape.

    Important point I wanted to share is most material we used is recycled.

    Start off the things with colouring the sheets…I gave sheets to khwaish to colour…and she has done brilliant work with colours (and why not she just loves that!!),all bright colour used while colouring to attract birds. Next step was gluing the coloured sheets to card box but before that we made one hole in the front of box for bird to have easy entrance door/window into her house and later cut coloured sheet accordingly in the front to keep that circle part visible. She herself done cutting and pasting of sheets on board.

    Lots of questions by khwaish made session more interactive:

    •         Why we are making bird house?
    •     What all things bird will keep inside?
    •     What Birds will eat and drink…
    •          Developing love for birds and related activity.
    •     Why we are making it so colourful?

    I tried my best to resolve her queries...

    Now we pasted lovely bird picture on the front of box front…Looking fantastic…added some finger prints on box .Since rainy season is on  I thought to give the  double protection to bird house by covering same by transparent plastic sheet.

    So our job is done……Oopsss…bird house with no availability of food and water seems to incomplete one. Added one glass to each side…left is for food (red) and one on right is for water and to support both glasses…we gave support of discarded Cds.
    To add little cherry to the cake….We added small feather to bird house…birds can see their belongings already safe here ;) winks...

    Little bird come to house.

    Hanging bird house beside the balcony wall to witness the activity of birds…khwaish is eagerly waiting for some arrival…

          Now wait is on for bird to hop on and give meaning to our work ….:)smile.


    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Real Nesting Experince !!!

    Far from the city's dust and heat,
    I get but sounds and odors sweet.
    Who can wonder I love to stay,
    Week after week, here hidden away,
    In this sly nook that I love the best --
    This little brown house like a ground-bird's nest?”

    Little sparrow in action.

    We all have fascination to fly like bird. Even our little kids attracted to birds when they see them.

    Someday back one of activity of little sparrow caught my eye…its truly amazing experience for me to witness the same. Friends u won’t believe me but I caught eye on bird which was in process of making little nest for herself…Since this is watchable from my balcony I included my daughter Khwaish for the same activity.

    Khwaish very patiently observe whole activity and gave me some of outputs she grasps from the same. Although we have read books on birds topic and nesting with little kids but this out of imagination practical experience to watch the same was great one.

    A few days back I observed from my balcony that one little sparrow is making to and fro moments again and again to tree, plucking the leave and carrying twigs each time it comes to tree. I caught the sparrow picture while holding the plucked leaf in the beak…What should I say’’Fantastic’’.How god have given them power to build their home not with hand but with beak.

    Sparrow holding leaf in her beak.

    Now we knew that bird is process of making a nest…next exploration was to find out hidden nest. For the same we moved to our terrace and between some pipelines little bird was making her nest.Khwaish had sneak peak view of the nest and felt excited to witness the whole process.

    Closer look of Nest.

    Feedback by Khwaish…

    ·         First of all birds making nest with leaves-green and dry (brown) leaves.

    ·         Bird was little sparrow.

    ·         Witness her nest.

    ·         You need to be very patient while watching the birds…no noise please.

    Friends involving khwaish in one bird related activity was real fun and good learning.

    I feel like adding little feather to our activity list ;) winks.



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