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Although I have already penned down my birding experience of Bidar in previous blog,still there was urge to write more on other experience.As the name suggests Black buck Jungle Lodges & Resorts(JLR),the place is famous for Black buck Safari which is maintained in good way,I was nostalgic to see Air force jets flying next to open dry grassland where bucks are roaming freely to get food.And without much of effort chance of watching Black buck is guaranteed .


Black Buck Male


Black buck Juvenile


All set to fight….it was kind of National Geographic moments for us to see them in action,check out video .


Black Buck Female


Chameleon near black buck grassland…


SunNext moment of the trip was Sunset at Resort,catch it different shades.


Sunset 4Sunset 5SunsetSunset3

Clicking Sunset is always a fresh experience in itself,taking setting pictures on backdrop of Vilaspur lake was breathtaking.

Moving backward to journey ,mosque on the way was remarkable structure…






Clicking vibrant flower is always a appealing…










Addition to this some Langurs & Squirrels @JLR ….






Innovative and recycled bottle sprinkler..


Famous Bidriwork in making



Finally best way to say goodbye to memorable trip,Close up Moon.




Monday, April 17, 2017

Jungle Lodges & Resorts BIDAR Birding


Life comes in full circle sometimes. Finally planned and went BIDAR my birth place after three decade(now one can guess my age;)) ,it was always in my list after relocating to Hyderabad. Although Bidar comes in Karnataka, could not travel even being in Bangalore for almost 10 years ,reason being more distance. The privilege of being armed force kid is travelling across INDIA,so in my case only eastern part was untouched otherwise travelled Srinagar,Agra,Jamnagar,Nagpur,Delhi and  journey continues to Dalhousie,Bangalore,Mysore,Hoggenakal,Wayanad,Munnar,Chennai,Pondicherry,Nainitaal, Jaamu, Ooty,Andaman Island,Hyderbad,Kuntala falls,Srisailam and the journey continues………

Of course the one reason to visit Bidar was being my birth place ,but not the only one,other reason was experiencing the JUNGLE LODGES RESORT(JLR) which I heard was great place from some friends. And now with my own experience I can satisfyingly say ,place is awesome for Nature lover,wind up life for a day or two into the lap of Nature. It was my anniversary which was occasion planned to celebrate at JLR on April 13th,no doubts occasions gives you best reason to travel and celebrate.

My foremost priority to go to JLR was birding, and will confidently say place is paradise for birds. The JLR situated on opposite to Vilaspur lake ,luckily due to good rainfall lake was almost full, even in peak summer. I will admit I went to place in wrong season(can blame on timing of anniversary),still could spot lots of birds.

One suggestion for birders, we boarded in the cottage number 5Desert Wheatear(Cottages names were kept on different birds) which is on perfect spot to see birds on fig tree where I got to see lots of varieties in just 2 hourof reaching that place from my balcony, in case you have preference chose perfect cottage.

Here is Birding Checklist

Asian Paradise flycatcher2

This is great moment for me to click Asian Paradise flycatcher ,my dream from long time.I am really thankful to guide Siddappa from JLR to chase it for half an hour ,so that I can take one single shot.So mission accomplished!!And according to JLR guide data Asian flycatcher was seen only 12 times in 7 years,although  I saw it on both the days of birding.

Rest of clicks of the Day,most of which is clicked from my cottage balcony.

Common Iora

Common Iora

Coppersmith barbet (2)

Coppersmith Barbet

Malabar Parakeet3

Plum Headed Parakeet

Ashy Drongo

Ashy Drongo

Asian Koel Female2

Asian Koel Female

Asian Koel Male

Asian Koel Male With Catch

Asian Koel Male2

Asian Koel Male

Brahminy Starling

Brahminy Starling

Bushchat male2

Bushchat Male

Cattle egret

Cattle Egret

Common Iora5

Common Iora

Common Myna2


Coppersmith barbet (2)

Coppersmith Barbet really Hungry one





Eursian collared Dove

Eursian Collared Dove

Greater Coucal


Green bee eater

Green Bee eater

Grey Heron3

Grey Heron

Grey Heron4

Grey Heron

Grey Hornbill

Grey Hornbill



Indian Courser

Indian Courser

Indian Courser4

Indian Courser Pair

Indian Golden Oriole

Indian Golden Oriole

Indian Peahen

Indian Peahen

Indian Robin 2

Indian Robin Male

Indian Robin Female

Indian Robin Female

Laughing Dove

Laughing Dove

Peacock and Peahen2

Peahen and Peacock

Peacock and Peahen3

National Bird


Display Moment

The place near water tank was all flooded with Sunbird in the afternoon to seep water from leaking tank and rope hanging there due to scorching summers…

Purple rumped Sunbird

Purple rumped Sunbird

Purple rumped Sunbird2

Purple rumped Sunbird

Purple rumped Sunbird3

Purple rumped Sunbird

Purple Sunbird2

Purple Sunbird

Red Vented Bulbul2

Red vented Bulbul

Red vented in front of moon 

Red vented Bulbul in front of Moon

Red vented pair3

Red vented Pair

Red wattled incubating

Red wattled Lapwing Incubating

Rufous Treepie 2

indian rufous Treepie

Rufous Treepie

Indian rufous treepie


Shikra in late evening

Tickell's Blue flycatcher 

Tickell’s blue flycatcher

White breasted Kingfisher Pair

White breasted Kingfisher Pair

White breasted Kingfisher

White breasted Kingfisher bright plumage

White browned Bulbul

White brown Bulbul juvenile

White browned Bulbul3

White browned Bulbul

Wooly necked Stoek pair2

Wooly necked Stork Pair

Wooly necked Stoek2

Wooly necked Stork

Wooly necked Stoek3

Wooly necked Stork

Yellow eyed Babbler (2)

Yellow eyed babbler

Yellow footed Dove 3

Yellow footed green pigeon

Yellow wattled lapwing

Yellow Wattled Lapwing


In terms of my birding journey I count this one as most rewarding and satisfying experience,I guess reason might be increased experience and patience which is key to success in birding.I will soon share more of  Bidar journey and nature clicks in my second part of blog.

Happy Birding




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