Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Birding-Ananthagiri Hills


Christmas festive season of happiness, joy and celebrations. Gifting is integral part of Christmas, I guess bring feeling of sharing and expressing love. With extended weekend for kids ,thought to celebrate festival amidst of NATURE ,best gift given to us by Almighty. So here we go for nature exploration, birding and driving.

This time impromptu place chosen -ANATHAGIRI HILLS in Telangana situated at distance of 70 +kms from Hyderabad, drive of close to one hour.Although we took little more since we had three stoppage on the way.


First stoppage was Sunflower field, bright yellow flower attracted us too much made our morning special.Earlier in Bangalore, seen these vibrant sunflower ,my blog cover picture with my daughter. At this point clicked lot of pictures, breathed fresh pollution free air. My kids were cheerful and super excited on watching this wonderful sight, they reviewed it closely in joy.


Memories of Sunflower Garden.




Second stoppage was near a Lake, in hope to catch some aquatic birds. Although whole place was so serene and quite, but no birds were to be seen except few Coots. Nevertheless we moved toward the destination, relishing our journey each minute each second.


Lake View


Me and my Binocular in hope of some winter migrants



Finally we set to reach the destination-Ananthagiri hills.I must like to mentioned that road from Hyderbad to Ananthagiri hills is absolutely wonderful,well maintained and of course very traffic free,so overall very relaxed travel. As a final point after two and half hour of travel(we reached at 8.30 because of giving three stoppage) ,we reached destination.


We were welcomed by big Statue of Hanumanji idol and regional God with wings,my son called it god with butterflies on body,see kids have their own cute imagination and connecting different things.While we were parking the car,biggest surprise of day was waiting for us on branch of tree-A Grey Hornbill. At that time my Camera was all inside bag,by the time I unpacked it,Hornbill was about to fly ,so got very dark picture. I was in no mood to let this opportunity go,so finally whole family chased it and


Hornbill at best


We reached the place after following Grey hornbill, I saw around 10 Grey Hornbill(probably a nesting site-A guess),best birding I ever had.We spend around half and hour at same place and already gratified heart.Clicking it was challenge because it was using camouflage effect and hiding between brown branches.To my good luck, could click some good shots…..

Grey Hornbill1Hiding in treeHornbill feeding anotherHornbill mouth openIMG_7782IMG_7797

A whole series of Hornbill clicks –With one pic of two in one frame.


I did not knew it is just starting, and whole bundle of Surprises waiting for us….from hornbill point,saw rufous Treepie couple cozying in branch ,followed by view of plum parakeet and then following following…..….birding continues with some great time and clicking some birds first time.


Rufus Treepie

Rufous Treepie


Sulpher bellied Warbler

Sulphur bellied Warbler

Golden Oriole Juvenile

Golden Oriole Immature


Long Cuckoo Shirke

Long Cuckoo Shirke


Plum headed Parakeet

Plum headed Parakeet


Small Minivet

Small Minivet


White bellied Drongo

White bellied Drongo(Initially i searched for bird with white ring around neck in birds books,but realised its a branch in front of neck)


Ashy Minivet

Small Minivet(Female)


Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet


Parakeet 1

Rose ringed Parakeet





Purple rumped Sunbird

Purple rumped Sunbird


Red vented Bulbul

Red vented Bulbul


Bee eater

Green Bee eater


Jungle Babbler

Jungle Babbler


Kids in Jungle

In addition to birding ,kids had wonderful time playing in thick jungle with woods,leaves and twigs ,and self exploring the Nature with their own creative ideas.


We did not realise that so much time gone in birding , Nature exploration and Breathe the nature…it was already 1’o clock,we decided to lunch at place opposite to the Temple at Anathagiri hills.

Last wing travel includes driving to nearby place where it was quite as pin drop silence,no signs of human life ,could hear rustling leaves and some chirps, even at 2’oclock.

View Point

View from Ananthagiri Hills view point.


Finally time to say bye to beautiful and quite place where one can connects with Nature,birding and family time.I think it is definitely cherished gift on Christmas.




  1. Superbly Narrated and good sightings

  2. Thanks Manik..I m glad u enjoyed reading it.



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