Monday, January 16, 2017

Birding At Narsapur


It truly said world is very small place.Few years back during my search to find  name of bird which I clicked during my Munnar trip,came across beautiful birding Blog.And later got in touch with writer of blog through mail,now almost gap of almost two year got opportunity to meet Blogger,Birder and photography enthusiast  Sumeet along with his lovely wife Supriya.It was truly great knowledgeable birding experience with company of expertise,special thanks to both.It is challenging task to go for birding along with kids,yes quite tough to keep them quite,so that birds should not get disturbed forget about yourself.Anyways manage to click and do my bit.

As part of Migration season birding whole gang went and explore Narsapur forest along with my family.

Clicks of Birds-

Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher-First time got to know reason behind naming of Common Kingfisher because it is not at all common.


Black winged Stilt

Black Winged Stilts



Avadavat (Red Munia)


Shirke 2



Snipe flock

Flock of snipe



River Tern


Brahminy starling

Brahminy Starling

White breasted Kingfisher

White breasted Kingfisher


Red headed Pochard n Pintail

Common Pochard and Northern pintail (in the background)






Stilts in flight

Black winged Stilts in flight


Lake view

View of lake

It was so relaxing to just sit back and relaxing near lake shore,special thanks to breakfast treat from Sumeet and Supriya.

One more birding experience come to end…..


It was unique experience of birding along with expertise first time in blessings winter season.Hope to explore more birds before winter sets off.





  1. Ashu, that acknowledgement and gratitude was overwhelming on your part. C'mon, I love to go for birding trips and I only keep looking for excuses. You being in Hyderabad was a good enough reason to go for birding and over that Narsapur is always inviting. I hope we go along on many such trips together. I also must acknowledge the fact that you are like a super-mom - making the kids ready for birding trips at 5-30 AM, trekking those forest areas, carrying the kids and then clicking the birds as well. That's too much to ask for. Kudos to you and your passion!

  2. Thanks Sumeet for heart warming words,Supermom...ahmm just trying a bit of parenting.I m glad I moved to Hyderabad, could go for birding with you n Supriya,and as I mentioned my kids loved uncle n aunty.Looking forward for next outing very soon.



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