Monday, February 13, 2012

Grapes Farm visit.


After long vacations in snowy climate to resettling back in my own city kept us engage for long time.One thing I’m missing since the time came back to my own city  is the green colour in my life,colour which gives me lots of positive energy and there is whole process attached to same which I termed as ‘Breathe the Nature’.So back to my trips of extracting positive energy from the nature.

Well my tour started with witnessing little baby snake on my car,very beautiful but poor snake was dead.May god give peace to this little creature.



Now let’s go for tour.Yes this time I ‘m taking you to grapes farm near to my place.

Panorama 1


It is time when farm people were plucking grapes,khwaish had fun of plucking one whole bunch.



It looks like dark colour marbles hanging from the tree…



Caught some of action of farm…

Cutting tool..


Lady while cutting one whole bunch,she was very generous and gave us lots of grapes.


Grapes in whole line…


On other side of farm,we got to see farm with unripen grapes too….I just loved that colour,it will take one more month for these grapes to get ripen.



There were some plants for sale too…I don’t have huge land otherwise great idea to go for this saplings.


Last attraction of the visit was some amla(Indian gooseberries) plus one of beautiful butterfly in the action.



I just hope to flutter like this butterfly in the search of new green visit.



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