Monday, February 27, 2012

Collecting colours from Nature.


This is time of  year when colour of festival is just round the corner.Often miss the home town for not being with the family plus get nostalgic about my childhood days when we used to drench each other with different water and dry colours and later used to treat ourselves with homemade sweet specially to mentioned ’Gujiya’(one of the famous sweets for holi festival),and how can I forgot those khathe meetha Dahi bhalla which we still prepare.



As first phase of celebrating the festival of colour,we planned the session using birthday decoration paper.We used all colour as a rainbow effect,pasted on white chart one after another.Initially wanted to paste some of nature’s creation on the top of same but later dropped the idea,reason you will know in the later part of blog.



As lifting our spirit more for the festival,done a abstract which is one of my favorite,using colour  and brush ,flow with the same.

DSCN6832 e


Last but not least ,our love for nature gave us opportunity to explore and collect different colours of nature on canvas,just showcasing them,no paints,no colours,nothing ,only visual medium of expression.Initially,tried it on small scale and got so impressed and excited  ,I planned to do same on large sheet with help of Khwaish’s collection.



Small version created on canvas with putting some dry leaves(brown colour),green leaf,sea shell,long dry leaf(eucalyptus),pomegranate flower(red),some berries.I liked the beauty of the idea.So being hit idea in my family,I thought to put same show in bigger version.

I gave Khwaish one big chart and her own collection from the nature,I must say nature offer so many lovely colorful creations,touched to see leaf itself got so many

shades to offer from green,brown,mix of yellow and green,yellow,purple,and on and on .She placed everything in just random order according to her wish.She enjoyed placing each product,loved those berries.




This is final picture of complete show put by Khwaish….Complete collection of nature’s colours on Canvas surely a visual treats for eyes and soul.



Happy Holi to all my Family,friends and reader.Enjoy the festival.




  1. How lovely to collect things from nature and enjoy making a collage!!




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