Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Afternoon of Experimenting Minds.


I have been absent from my blog for long time,reason being little more occupied with home front and some health issue.And very frankly K did not want to do colouring related and craft related stuff,so it is perfectly fine at my place and decide & do what u enjoy as individual.For past one year blogging I did, activity with K because she enjoyed,creatively engaged.On that note first of special thanks to friends,family and readers who enjoyed my blog and encourage me during the journey.

Now back to our creative corner,today after long time K wanted to do something after coming back from school,came to me told “Mamma I want do something “.I was really happy to hear her words and thought what can we do,so thought something which she can relate going at school too.

K school got theme plans for kids every month like for current month Our Senses & body Organs and for young explorer they have experiment session with theme ’Sink and float’.I decided to dedicate this afternoon to satisfy curious mind,and do first time experiment session.

I was making lunch and told her that she can collect some of things meanwhile.She collected lots of material which include her box,stick,ice-cream stick,coins,nuts,stone.So I made list of things in order for her in sequential order and ready for experiment once I was done with lunch preparation.


I told her drop things one by one and observe whether particular object floats or sink to the bottom accordingly,she can write F(float) or S(Sink) in front of different objects.One by one with lot of excitement she enjoyed her experiment ,mentioned her observation as S and F….even she explained me if things are light it will float and if heavy it will sink which she learnt at school.

She had wonderful time experimenting and dropping different things in water,even got all drench in the water,changed her clothes after finishing the session.

I guess this little playful idea satisfy curiosity of little minds,so worth it!!

(Posting blog without picture fun,since hubby is out of town and Camera is not available to me)


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