Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5+ ideas to have fun with Match sticks.


It just started as thing to kill the time one evening which was Sunday and my husband is working.So duo of MOM and daughter too got something occupying.



t started as thought of childhood days,when sometime we used experiment with match stick to create different shapes.I just made simple house with these short sticks,watching this K got interested and wanted to try her hands.

Activity was quite captivating,so we moved to next level to try our 5+ ideas-

Idea No 1 -Started counting with the sticks 1…2…3..4…5…K having lots of fun same time.



Idea 2-Next was writing our name s with sticks….


Idea 3-followed by making some shapes…


Idea 4-We were enjoying together so much,even k did not want me to answer phone…I agreed.

Every evening we are going out to have playtime where we playing football,throwing the ball,we have connected above creation with our evening playtime.Oh K introduced that rackets on the bottom of page,one of her favorite one.



Idea 5-To bring the session to closure K has made abstract using Match stick and some chana dal.




SO what are you making today with Match sticks?


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