Thursday, October 11, 2012

Toy Library in Bangalore-Learning Ladders


Toys plays important role in kids development from early years of childhood.Nowadays numbers of brands available in market to make choices for kids ,but the later part is once kids play with toy for long time, gets bored with the same and ,needs change or replacement of same,so at that time we realize ‘Is it wise to buy expensive toy every time or can we have option?Yes Friends here is your superb option to get replacement of toy ,when kids wants change,Answer is TOY LIBRARY.



Well recently I was contacted by founder of toy library Learning Ladders in Bangalore  Ms Anupma,she gave me details about the toy library how it works which is excellent concept according to me,providing best of branded toy carefully categorized according to age suitability ,making your work easier to chose the apt toy for your kid,and once you feel kid is getting bore ,you can go ahead and order fresh one.I know for parents hygiene is important concern while lending these toys,best part is toys are sanitized and cleaned properly ,so no need to be worry about hygiene factor too.

For me concept is eco-friendly ,very relatable as recycling with maintaining best of hygiene and can make our little contribution towards ‘Breathe the Nature’ which is close to my heart .I myself is looking forward to join the library for my little one.



A Word from founder of Learning Ladders Anupma is an online toy library, based in Bangalore, which provides an exclusive range of branded toys on Rent for children of 0 - 8 years of age.

Brands we Trust: Fisher Price, ELC, Melissa and Doug, Chicco, Leap Frog, VTech and many more...

Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them.

At Learning Ladders, we believe that every child has the right to grow and develop in the best possible manner. So, we have specially created a toy catalogue, with the help of child development experts, emphasizing on the holistic development of growing children, as it is utmost important to provide the right toy at the right age. To ensure child safety, each toy is Cleaned, Sanitized and Shrink Wrapped before it is deemed ready for delivery.

Learning Ladders extends a convenient option for parents by providing these educational toys, right at your doorstep, just a click away. Members can browse through the toy catalogue, on our website, and reserve toy(s) of their choice. The toy(s) would be delivered and picked up from their home, free of charge.


So are you ready make your kids early years of growth full of wonderful toys?Go ahead.



  1. We love toy libraries and reviewed one on the blog too. I think it is a great concept which is easy on the pocket, is stimulating for the kids and great for the environment. I am sure your kiddos will love the toy library Ashu. :)

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  5. INCREDIBLE THINKING!! You did really making sense. My little baby girl like different things to do and I think this will be enjoyable for me also when I'll see she is making this.



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