Friday, March 21, 2014

Reviving the Blogging Journey-Surprises & Solar System.


A Big Hello to my friends,family and readers.It feels really wonderful to come back and revive my passion ,my blogging after long time,after a gap of almost more than a year.I have come up with wonderful updates too…..

First please welcome one more company on the board for greencraftingkid team my ten months old Son Samrath  foremost reason I took blogging break(nine months in womb and ten months now), Khwaish my first partner in crafting fun is doing lots of craft work on her own and exploring things through reading(will surely let her write independent post) ,enjoying and last but not the least I have shifted to place which itself is blessing for nature lover like me(will post some picks very soon) .All this months been really engaging and blissful in terms family life and Simultaneously explored some other art like baking .

Now about my little son ,he is  enjoying and amazed with Nature wonders in the form of flying pigeons calling them with babbling sound ,colorful flowers,falling water and exploring through Nature walk.

Now I feel taken long required and much needed break,very soon will back to ‘Breathe the Nature’ expeditions,not missing but thirst for it is alive and give pump to my life.


Enough of my the leave details,I would like to share a craft work with you all ,done couple of months back ,Project Solar System made for K for her school,she is in love with topic of solar system very much and made her best efforts to explore the topic and made quiz to test my knowledge about the topic.Khwaish my first partner in crafting fun is doing lots of craft work on herself and exploring things through reading(will surely let her own post).



I would like to mention that project is done using recycled materials.So Go green!!


        Quiz Time for all Little ones..

  1. Which is nearest planet to Sun?
  2. Which is Red planet?
  3. Which is blue planet?
  4. Which planet has rings around it?
  5. Which is biggest planet of Solar system?
  6. Who was first man to reach the Moon?
  7. Who was the  first Indian to go into Space?
  8. Name an Indian women astronaut?
  9. Different phases of Moon?

I am  sure you also enjoy exploring different topic with your kids in a fun way,so please share it.

I will try keep my blogging on, as and when time permits.Till then signing off and looking forward to hear from you all.



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