Friday, July 4, 2014

Bright sunny Yellow farm-S first one.


I am very excited to write my new blog after long time.This  one is very special ,reason behind the same is after long time I ‘m back to my green visit therapy.You must be thinking how come therapy?? So answer is simple,it gives immense pleasure to watch this green colour in abundance and receiving great vibes from them which help to to relax mentally and explore the different boundaries physically .I forgot to mention that this ‘Breathe the Nature ‘ visit was also special because of one more reason and that is ,my thirteen month old son’s first exploration with team green crafting.



One fine late afternoon when my husband sensed that it will rain,he came up with suggestion to explore and making evening really refreshing.So when it comes to going for nature drive…..WE ALL ARE SET….so here goes my team after nature.



We went to beautiful Farm with colour yellow spread all over like sunny bed sheet reminds me of visit to Sunflower farm long time back.It was Marigold flowers all over,beautiful sight to watch.As we entered into farm drizzling started and bright sunny rays from other direction,tried hard to find RAINBOW…..better luck next time !!

K wanted to take some flower back home ,so that she can prepare eco friendly colours for Holi and add to our excitement Samarth had great time watching bright flower,cow,birds….kept on pointing and sharing his joy and excitement.

It was wonderful time enjoying nature at best,looking forward to continue journey and enjoy the same.Hope you all love this therapy visit.


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