Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Colouring POP...Samarth fun continues.

Hello friends writing blog after long time ,all these months was busy with my little one in exploring the process of growth in special association with nature ,watching flying pigeons,hiding sunlight from bright sunlight or falling rain drops n touching same with tiny little fingers.Meanwhile,.my daughter Khwaish is now very much busy in her own explorations which is mainly experimenting with colour in her own style with her whole gang of friends or trying different sports or childrens group play. With now arrival of summer vacations and availability of ample amount of time in hand,these young explorer are all set to their enjoyable journey to satisfy their creative souls.It all started one sunny afternoon but planning for same started early in the morning


KHWAISH made some plaster of  Paris creations in the morning ,Of course with little guidance i offered.She carefully put wet POP in all mould and within couple hour taken some out….n believe me that were really Soft in touch.Now they got good project to keep themselves busy in the afternoon…
Threesome started there fun filled project…Khwaish,Samarth and Sai(k’s frinds)…surrounded with paint,brushes,water in POP white creations..in between they had good conversation session to choose red,blue ,yellow or to go multicolour for their respective creations.

For Sammy boy this is all together new experience n joy to play with colour …he is developing sensory skills and motoring skills through all fun n explore technique…
We as a team had great fun learning through exploring….looking forward to continue our journey.






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