Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Hobby of Greencraftingkid

Hello to friends and readers,must be thinking now flooded blogging chains…its nothing about time,its just about getting time.With Khwaish holidays and around ,little one catching sleeps,i m trying to catch blogging in between n get back on track to connect.

Well this time coming with surprise or can say discovery on blog!!Well green visit is topic or area close to my heart and give so much pleasure and self satisfaction,soothes soul and mind.The new addition which i m talking about is something which has caught my attention from so many days…i’ m talking about BIRDING.On my blog during my green visit i always been clicking picture of birds,in fact few years back we had awesome experience of witnessing NESTING.So birds is always special element of my blog.

Must be thinking how come over night explored my birding love??…My answer is this hobby has come long way holding my hands during all these years of green visit,its just after a particular click,i realise it!!.Birds been our companion during the nature walks…i remember during my Munnar visit i clicked lots of birds but encountered one beautiful colourful bird,i always has instinct that this is probably a Kingfisher…but was not sure.So in a journey to i explore details of bird i googled n landed into colorful vibrant world of birds.

Through a fellow blogger who has clicked more than 300+ birds I could find out name of the bird….White breasted Kingfisher BINGO!! ,not only this ,could name few clicks i made all these years.Discovery of new hobby,trying get details of birds and watching some new species.

Unknowingly i did not know my kids are also getting interested with me and making whole team of birder.Samarth is recognising parrot,calling each bird visible as pigeon….Khwaish enjoying taking some clicks with me,finding name of birds in newly ordered “The book of Indian Birds” by Dr.Salim Ali ,india’s birdman.

I along with kids are very much enjoying newly nurtured hobby and exploring new species with our each visit.Will share some more stories of our birding journey,keep enjoying.





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