Friday, May 1, 2015

Greater coucal to dream bird .

Saturday was one more fulfilling day ,it started with some sight s of greater Coucal which is staying in bamboo bushes near my apartment, few days back I have seen it during morning birding session ,just glimpse of it!!And I located its nest,pair is staying keeping eye on that place for many days(seen 9'o clock in morning and evening after 6),so my calculation was right .And spotted same around 10 near silver Oaks ,rushed with my gears to have pic....and BINGO, I got it!!Just hope sometimes can catch it with open wings, beautiful long bird with copper color wings opens like umbrella.

Greater Coucal

Usually I post blog and followed by pictures on my page on facebook, this time it is other way around. Last weekend Saturday we had preplan of going to Bommsandra lake ,again near to our place. Got to know about same because every year apartment is doing Ganpati visrajan at this place.
Fisherman checking nets for fish
So this time started on right time and reached lake at close to 4'o clock,and this time Khwaish's friend Prapthi accompanied us with her Camera, I guess I 'm creating whole team of Birders( :)))giggles).
First sight of few cattle egrets around the corner of lake, followed by few parakeet (difficult to catch them, due to their colour ...quickly hide inside tree).
I was super happy on this visit because could catch my dream bird Brahminy kite ,I mentioned it in my earlier kite blog....Yipeee!!It was bonus for us ,usually I have seen Brahminy in little small size in photographs, but one I saw was HUGE one really!!
Dream bird ...Brahminy Kite :)
 We tried our luck inside the farm also ,it was more of chirping than sights.Finally we decided lake view is better idea under a big tree,no wonder we were right .
So in the end this is what we could capture
Black shouldered Kite

Coppersmith Barbet

Purple rumped sunbird

Western Reef Egret





White breasted Waterhen

Green bee eater

Egrets Flying over in cloudy sky

Red whiskered Bulbul

Red wattled Lapwing





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