Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vacation Fun near home-Exploring Nature.

Waking up in early in the morning was never my cup of joy and taking extra nap in afternoon was always my pleasure,declaring rest afternoon for me. Now not anymore, I make my self privilege and make mom and birder in me ever ready.

Khwaish taking snaps of Asian Koel.

Although a confession,khwaish is getting addictive for new hobby.With no choice in hand ,waiting for Sun to drop some mercury,we(I,khwaish and Samarth)set for our birding expedition in Silver Oaks trees near our apartment.Its been more than a month Khwaish vacations has started,initially she wanted to have late start of day,say by 10'o clock. Now birding in mind and her daily checklist ,she is all set by 7'o clock which i must say is early for holiday kid.During this birding session near my apartment,we have explored lot of newcomer in our list. In fact recognised few,but could not take a shot...taking shot is very difficult,not all bird happily pose to get click.

Initially wanted to write blog with three different stories but at the end of day due to time constraint submerged three stories in one blog post.

First story is of course watching lot of perching birds ,and specially surprise of red vented Bulbul and red rumped swallow from close distance.

Spotted dove Pair

Indian Robin

Plain Prinia

House Swallow

Green Bee Eater

Pied Bushchat

Red vented Bulbul

Red rumped Swallow

Second story is all about chasing Cattle egret and end up in melodious voice of Asian Koel and exploring bird from close, looking in its red Eye.

Cattle Egret searching for food

Asian Koel

Indian pond Heron

Last story is of sunny afternoon which turned into rainy evening, with extra special view of Shikra Kite which we initially thought out to Black shouldered kite juvenile.

Shikra Juvenile
Black Kite

Shikra Juvenile
Spotted Dove

These nature rounds are great experience for us to explore and enjoying Nature's at flying.

From egret following cattles,n we follow them to, all day singing of mynas around us,Flying kites in sunny afternoon to
parakkeet showing their colour(green)to jumping to shades of tree.
From coucal showing glance n hide inside tree to wagtail splasing water near poolside

MOMENTS are full of surprise,excitement and action,
Cheers Ashu

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