Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating Festival Of Colours through Flower Garden.


Sometime even unplanned activity comes close to the festival  of season.Yes ,started same thing as sharpening the our pencils,and tempted to start activity .



Initially it started as thought to use pencil shavings as flowers…



But later thought to add  spare flowers of  family tree which comes as DIY ready to made craft kit , Khwaish completed yesterday itself.



Once we were done with an orange flower,time to put all shavings pencil flowers on board,used fevi-glue to stick all shredded flowers on board.



Now thought to experiment on the recycled board with brush prints using beautiful bright colours.




Now wanted some butterflies in our flower garden since garden is already very bright ,used yellow colour to bring fluttering creature into life.



I forgot to mentioned about green colour which symbolizes leaves and rest of green elements of garden.


Finally some finishing work used sketch-pen,outline to little details.I’m just loving unintentional effort got us into different shades of colour which is main idea of our festival ’HOLI’.


I never thought exploring colour from flower garden could possibly one of the best idea to touch theme different colours,feel like close attempt to celebrate the Holi on the canvas.




  1. What a lovely collage!! Bright colors and clever idea of using the pencil shavings:)

  2. Thanks Roopa for liking our colourful collage.Planning to make some more in vacations.



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