Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bird watching fun at Munnar-A story of Whistling bird.

Munnar trip was really great experience to enjoy bird kingdom.From Sparrow,Parrot,Pigeon and some colourful birds plus chirping whistling of birds,Yes you read me right.During our stay,first evening I heard whistling sound coming from balcony of resort room,my first impression was may be someone is whistling,I checked around but that sound was coming from bushes and dense forest,that time I came to know its whistling bird.

Next morning it starting with lots of bird chirping around,and all mountains views fresh in sunlight and later addition of whistling sound to them.This whistling sound come so close never before,that bird came and sat on roof of the balcony of the neighbor's room,tried my best to capture the bird .Finally could come with only sound recording of the same.I guess little shy bird ,with no doubts gifted one.
I guess god has given everyone something special,lucky to witness the sound of this bird during the Munnar stay.

What your special bird exploring experience?
Some of special bird experience by greencraftingkid-Bird stories


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