Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hula Hoop-Self motivating experience after series of trial and error.


Khwaish demanding two toys from last week,one she mentioned to me as circle which we can twirled around the body,I knew what she is asking for but honestly I did not know that its Hula Hoop.Second one on her list was binocular which again she don’t know the name,she explained me by putting round folded finger around her eyes and I know what is her demand.


To explore what she wanted  to do with toys,we bought same from Sapna book house last weekend,and went to friend’s place.Well we know kids won’t  hold their patience for long time,so she unwrapped her Hula hoop,and started giving try for the same.

She have never tried Hula Hoop,its just that she have seen same at her school.So after all her trial and error,she explored how she can rotate this colourful circle around her body.I ‘m glad to hear her voice declaring ‘Mamma I can do it,I have learned’.I guess I ‘m feeling proud to see my little one exploring and creating her own ways to learn and train herself.This is surely self-motivating experience for her.

Next day onwards,its now classes for us to learn Hula hoop at home,my husband and me giving best try to learn fast from her .I’m overjoyed with this experience of learning from my little teacher,although I have lots of learning in the process of motherhood itself.


So what are your kids teaching you today?



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