Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stencil Art–Making Animal Kingdom.


All rejuvenated after vacation in Munnar,back to the the blogging time.Its vacation time for Khwaish ,so we are exploring our own craft session.

I bought animal stencil long back and used it only once before starting the blogging,made some animal model when khwaish turned two.So decided to give it try after long time,Khwaish seem to very excited on holding that stencil.

So here we go to make our own animal kingdom on plain paper.

I was holding animal stencil because I feel it was not possible to hold stencil and use the colour at the same time for Khwaish,so made outline of animal with pencil.



Next we all set to use colour and brush…..while using colour reminds me of book and craft session ,we have done earlier.



At the end of session we got colourful result of stencil art.


We have planned to use some more stencil work during the vacations,so ready to catch some more stencil action.



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