Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day-Scrap book with collection of Memories.



It was the lovely evening , when I came into this world…

And you held me, hugged me and said “Baby I’m your father!!”A great feeling you shared.

As the days moved,I started growing…You showed me the world from the top mountains of your shoulders.

As the days moved,I started growing..You made me swim through the corners and middle of pool.

Holding my fingers gently, when I started taking a first few steps,

Pushing my tricycle to give it start,making me peddle.

Listening first words of rhyme ’Johnny Johnny’ and clapping for me.

As the days moved ,I started growing…U made my each experience special …

Papa U are so very special to me”I LOVE YOU”!!

Happy Father’s Day.


On the occasion of  Father’s Day decided to make scrap book with collection of al the memories from Khwaish’s birth to memorable days giving surprise to dearest Father for being so special.He is overwhelmed and touched to see lovely surprise.




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