Thursday, June 21, 2012

Travel Game for small kids-Mix geography with travel.


During the holidays Me and my little one was in search for some or other innovative ideas to keep our wandering souls busy.So during the one of lazy afternoon,K pulled me to play ‘TRAIN TRAIN’ game.She wanted me to be a passenger and her pretending to be Travel planner,Ticket checker,Engine driver and last guide.I enjoyed her version of train train very much.


We started our tour with making train with dinning chairs in a line.Then we made K little tour office,where I gave different colourful postcard which we been collecting through post crossing ,added attraction to travel in India book (A lonely planet travel survival kit,it’s a old edition).So Travel Office is all set ,train is also ready.We are leaving,Bye bye!!

I entered K’s travel office,and I was offered lot of travel opportunity from India to different countries in the world.So once I lock my travel destination,my little one takes me to touring,pretending to having international cuisine,enjoying sanctuary,waterfall or snow filled area according the place of choice.While doing same we enjoyed clicking different animals in the sanctuary,playing with the snow balls(we did same during Manali trip),Making snowman,enjoying under the waterfall.Oh my pretending and enjoying so much !!


We enjoyed playing same for  more than one hours,then we shifted our focus to make our own travelogue.Yes!!! when K heard the idea got excited to try the same.So our first hunt was to get some pictures which we extracted from the newspaper(otherwise taking printout from google search is also good option).

So next we made some travelogue categorized same as  green travel,food options,one into sanctuary plus oil refineries.Friends it was really fun for kids to know different places through playful method .DSCN9532

I have already thought to take this journey forward with some more planned tours.I would love to have your views for the same.



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