Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gardening session–Extending our garden.


After  doing one session of gardening during the vacations,got little more confident to try our hands on the same again.I tell you friends ,it is  so much fun and productive activity to so with kids,so at least try it once!!

So this time to do it again,first I went through site Urban leaves of India which provides really great inputs for beginners.So here I pick up some ideas ,used one recycled container and purchased one new rectangular tray tub for planting some basic plants can be used in kitchen .We are all set to extend our garden.

For the gardening purpose,Khwaish and I  went together to collect some soil in the containers,even its is fun for us,specially K.She had done planting of basil seeds before,so this time she seems to expert on planting Fenugreek and coriander seeds.

So here we all set….

First put liitle soil in rectangular tray,poured some coriander seeds(Please  follow special instruction for planting coriander seeds)covered it with soil again.We are ready with little coriander garden.K watered the garden.



Once coriander project is done,we planted fenugreek in recycled bowl…


Now K is very excited to see the results,I made her understand that watering it and little sunlight everyday will make our hard work pay very soon.All excited now!!

Will Share progress very soon.



  1. That's a great start! Love the little gardeners new project.

  2. Very nice... i too made my little one plant fenugreek seeds today morning in a pot... It's a kind of co-incidence i guess...:)... Rectangular tray looks much better and spacious. I will try to get one one too...:)

    Do let us know the progress....:)

  3. Thanks Mansi.I 'm very found of ur sill window garden.

  4. Hey Mickey good to see u here,Thanks.Wow will keep each other update on the growth of our plants,good idea.



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