Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Solar System-Mixing balls with clay play.


Khwaish is enjoying her summer holiday to the best,In fact peak summer restricting our moment to home.We are exploring our own ways to do activities time at home.


Last month I bought this book ’The solar system '  by Harper Collins publisher from Sapana book house to start the little discussion on solar system,vacations giving us perfect time to explore the same.Although at the time of full lunar eclipse I wish to start this topic little earlier to enjoy the shadowing moon process better. Nevertheless,its never late.


We started the things with the first page watching colourful planets rotating in their orbits.

Now we took out different plastic and rubber balls collection from our toy cupboard and made them in line just like different planets,we were lucky to have some different  colour and sizes balls plus we have one perfect Earth.



Started placing the things with big yellow coloured ball as Sun followed by our Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn(rings were made using cooker gasket),Uranus,Neptune and Pluto(not mentioned in the book).


To take the and enjoy topic little more,we change our inputs,took out our clay box.Now time to make our different planets using different colour clay,enjoying rolling process made different planets.

Placed all the planets in the line.


Different versions of Saturn…



Planning to have some more sessions on the same topic,please pour your ideas to explore the topic in interesting way.

Meantime you can enjoy theme party inspired of the same topic by Mommy Lab,have fun!!



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