Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Sparrow day with black Pigeon.

Through friend post I came to know that 21 March was World Sparrow day plus some added information in newspaper.
(Friend’s Blog- loving all the aspect of the bird activity we been doing from making bird house,watching them making their nest and simply great time taking pictures from my balcony and terrace whether its pigeon,sparrow,eagle or crow.
Activity-Nature's colour

Luckily very close to Sparrow day , experienced something very lovely .
Last week Khwaish and I saw a lonely black pigeon on our terrace who was wondering there alone ,it was quite comfortable to let us little close but was not letting us to touch him .We followed him for quite long time in the evening,even offer some biscuits we had that time,pigeon ate some biscuits too.After our little play session and observation of pigeon we got back home,even pigeon hopped on to the water tank.
But could make out something was wrong with the poor bird,but don’t know what is that.
Yesterday when Khwaish went to school,to take some walk I went to terrace and to have feel of Sparrow day, I met this black pigeon again.Immediately I got some rice grains and water for him from my home.

Initially ,I just kept grains in bowl,but pigeon did not eat any.Later I throw some near him and to my surprise he started eating same so fast,I guess very hungry but feeling little scared .Later I shifted bowl near him,pigeon had nice time eating grains very fast.

I wish  Khwaish to witness the same ,great pleasure to see this bird eating.I made some videos for Khwaish and you all.I feel little satisfied also.But still thinking why the colour is black and why pigeon is alone?I just hope things will be fine with that bird.
Video of Black Pigeon.


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