Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Collage-Showcasing all POP collection.


We been making Plaster of Paris (POP)creations from long time,even before getting into blogging journey.Initially started using POP in the moulds which comes readily available with Funskool clay kits.I remember ,first time we made some beautiful creation from clay moulder,and coloured the same which includes butterfly,heart,teddy bear,circle and others.


After that first start, trying experimenting with making POP creation which includes independence day,Dino park ,Rainbow candle and lots more.This time we have decided to showcase our all collection of POP creations in one project.

Since these are quite old creations which we been making since long time and even using as pretend to play purpose,so become little dull in color.So decided to fresh paint our creations.


So first applying fresh paints to our creations,making them bright and beautiful…



Once we were done with making their look fresh ,got one cover of gift box and pasted white sheet inside the same.And then our final job,pasted all the creation one by one in column and rows using fevicol.

And lastly made partition using glitter glue.

This is the final outcome.Our collage of POP in bright colour.





  1. Wow Ashu ! This must have been quite fun!
    Love the cheery bright colours!

  2. Thanks Ritu for visiting blog and leaving lovely appreciative words.Yes it was lot of fun with my daughter.



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