Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Birding at Muthanullar lake-Surprise!!

Back after weekend exploration of awesome birding experience and watching few birds first time.To start up,its long pending planned destination to birding spot known   as Muthunullar lake,not many people know this.I came to know about this location from ebird tool which is online tool for birders and surely useful.

We packed up our bag with some neccesary stuff for kids and water,and all set to said location through google map n here drive in hope
to have some new birds. From my place we reached place in 20minuates ,quite close one. Some shop close by have no clue about this big lake on google.
We were trapped in confusion on this note, but raising our spirit high and follow instinct 250metre from the location according to google,
followed the instruction and FINALLY....
According to review and google map pictures i was expecting
a big water pool, but to my disappointment it was all dried up. No thanks to change in climate global warming.

I think we reached the place before appropriate time, it was sunny day. We opened account watching blue throated kingfisher sitting on a cable as usual which
later landed near a cow. Although dried lake was little disappointment still I'm happy to see a new addition to my list-Hoopoe,that too a pair.

In addition to these two saw Indian roller,bushchat,large pied wagtail,lark,Parakeet and few more.....

So it was yet another enjoyable and exploring experience with whole family.


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