Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birding At Andaman Islands

Its more than a month now I'm back from my decade anniversary celebrations from Water paradise-Andaman Islands ,still hangover is there.

Beautiful sunset at bay of Bengal

Firstly i would like to mentioned place is heavenly with lovely blue beaches and white sand, touch of breeze on beach side is soothing experience.

Although my Facebook is flooded with different tourist spots experience, there is one which need to be unfolded from long back.
I'm talking about my special experience of clicking different bird species at different locations.

To sum up whole birding experience....saw wood pigeon,kingfisher blue throated,kingfisher white collared,
scarlet minivet, red-breasted parakeet, serpent eagle, red whiskered bulbul and few more at locations.

Check out some of clicks-
Andaman islands is heaven for birding ,its just matter of chance to witness different colour!!
My greencraftingkid team had real fun with, specially my younger one...trying lot of combination with sand dry leaves, twigs,shells  playing towards breathing the nature. Khwaish had her own exploration...playing with tides, sand play and collecting boxful of shells as memories of Andaman.

The whole experience was superb with different activities sand play, beach walk, birding, sea walk and much more .


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