Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas special green visit.


The relation between empty weekends and green visit is known as ‘Breathe the nature’ in my family dictionary.Long time, bad weather and in between Khwaish’s health issues keeping us in little low sprits.

One of things which is enjoyable experience for my family is this green visits,so with empty weekend ,again exploration on to charge our ourselves.Since Christmas is quite near thought of going for relevant visit ,so went for Christmas tree visit which I have seen during drives through those farm .

The Christmas trees are of two types-Fir and pine,one we went is fir one.




In between these flock of sheep and hen hidden near tree was quite entertaining for Khwaish.





One of Christmas tree in front of house is quite big one…..Again Fir.



Well that farm person gave us one small plant  which I have l already planted in the flower pot,let’s see how much time it will take to grow big.

Sharing some information about Christmas tree.


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