Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Season of celebration.


The year 2011 is almost ready to say Good bye to all of us,before welcoming the new year let’s have perfect adventure and celebration of Season of winter with Christmas.

First set of activity for Christmas involves making card for the seasons.We choose to use the X-Mas tree as theme for first set of card making activity.

I made triangle with pencil for Khwaish and gave her glittery tape to stick same on the triangle to prepare first X-Mas tree,and with no doubts she did good job.





And once that triangle was ready ,I gave her glitter glue to enhance its beauty.We are ready with our first X-Mas tree.



For Second tree we cut  triangle from green chart paper,and pasted same on white chart ,later I made candy on the bottom of X-mas tree and some red glittery decoration.



Third card was made with different sizes of triangles placed  on one over another from small to big size sorted by Khwaish and cut by me to give perfect look of X-Mas tree.





Last but not the least….We pasted red colour ball(this is same ball we used during Id card making too)  in two lines and written Christmas message on the same.



This is first set of Christmas activity,whole month planned to celebrate the spirit of the season.Keep rocking !!



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