Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Greenhouse visit.


Last Weekend when we went for Christmas tree visit,we had the  joy of extended visit to flower farm and long awaited Green house.



While coming back from Christmas tree visit, went for flower visit where bed of violet flowers and white flowers  were beautiful view to witness,got some click of same farm.





Now our hunger for more took us to next destination….and it was Greenhouse,my long awaited visit in my wish list.Yes this is special one because tried going to this place 2-3 times before,but to my disappointment it was closed every time .And luckily this time we got chance to explore green house.

There were two variety of greenhouse –Flowers and Vegetable .

One with flower view I have seen before also,but somewhere else with same flower used for Puja and mainly exported.



Second part of Green house which is vegetable was extra special because wanted to see from long time.We got to see Capsicum and Cucumber plants inside the second green house.Cucumber leaves were really big in shape with little yellow flowers on the same,enjoyed Capsicum in  green and red colours.








Finally I ‘m  too happy to rediscover flowers green house and vegetable one once again.



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