Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Making.


Inspired by friend’s blog Mommy Lab we got idea to use spare birthday cap for the purpose of making X-Mas tree.Initially we tried colouring the cap with green colour,but not satisfying result,so we pasted green sheet on the cap to have appropriate colour .

Then we added lots of glowing sequence on the green cap which made its look fabulous.



We used almininium  foil empty stick roll for the stem of X-Mas tree and glorified same with glittery tape after colouring the same with brown colour.



Now time to take out some treasure from our collection,we took out some bells in silver and golden colour,with the help of thread tied bells on the green part bottom as a hanging bells.

Finally time to put cherry on the cake,I mean on tree…We had one Yellow star from some rubber band,placed the same on the top of tree.Later we fixed the green part on the stem ,with lovely hanging bells.

Our Tree is ready….Making best from waste.





  1. This turned out so beautiful, Ashu and Khwaish! The bells look lovely! Glad you were inspired by Pari's party hat Christmas tree.

    Will appreciate if you can mention my blog name and the link, here :) Thank you in advance!

  2. Rashmie thansk for liking our work.

    Hey i posted same blog at night and while sleeping thing was in my mind to mentioned ur blog name there,its my pleasure.But again morning distractions,things got out of my mind.

    Thanks for lovely idea.

  3. wonderful idea time sure im gonna try ur idea of making x-mas tree...........kudos to khwaish and u



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