Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doraemon’s Shadow

Couple of months back I mentioned in my blog about Khwaish’s love for cartoon character Doraemon,out of same love she gathered lots of toy from Mac D.After that she got one Doraemon stuffed toy too and key chain to keep in the car.So I thought to involve Dori( which I and my hubby Nitin call him)in our paint session.
Well we had one left over of Doraemon sticker pad , all sticker used either on house door or on the fridge.We stuck same on the white chart paper….in case you are Doreomon ‘s fan can easily make out one with helicopter(right corner bottom),dormi (Doraemon sister) sticker were there on this sticker list before.


First we started with little patches of paint on the chart corner to get into action….

Then a thought came into my mind that we can use the empty spray bottle of cleaner which I have washed with hot water….I added food colour to water and filled the spray bottle to enjoy the session(little early holi session I guess).All coloured water started dripping on white chart paper.

Then more colours to the borders…..And finally take out that sticker pad to obtain the shadows of Doraemon and friends.


To get more clarity of the shadows,outline all the shadows with black marker.

So for this session we had combination of spray paint and recycled materials.And most important Khwaish just feel liking playing time with Doraemon.
How about you and your kid,are you too Doraemon’s Fan?

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