Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book characters came out.


Sometime we need not put extra thinking session to plan our art and craft session,it just come instinctively as extension of reading session of  story books at bed-time .




Although we have read  the same  book  3-4 times before ,but never thought or plan any session for the same.I have collection of some knick knacks into my craft treasure which I feel we could utilize somewhere .

For the current session we have used scrap roller of foil paper used to keep food fresh.We had three big roller and I cut each one into three pieces to increase their numbers.And we coloured the roll in different colours to create the body of the animals according to the description in the book.





Ok,now let’s have little story telling-Story is about naughty monkey who coloured different animals of  the jungle in different colours starting with snakes and frogs in multicolor and green respectively to create colurful view in the dull and boring jungle.

Once he coloured snake and frog,his confidence grew stronger and moved to other animals.Next in his list was Giraffe,leopard,bear,lemur,zebra….although elephant is not there in the story book,but we created.

Now we were ready with the bodies of the animals,I did my drawing work to create the different animals faces.I hope you will like same,after long time tried my hands on drawing with the help of pictures in the book.




Now we are ready with the bodies and faces of the animals,time to put soul in the same,sorry I mean joining the both and creating animal.For the same we used fevicol and pasted face of animal on their respective bodies.Khwaish really excited to see final product of animals.




Now planning to use same for story telling session with Khwaish.Never know we can create our own story with these animals.




By the way I forgot to tell you that since this naughty monkey coloured all the animals without telling or asking  them,in the end of story these animals coloured monkey’s bumpy with blue colour.Winking smile




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