Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moulding and learning–Fun Time .


Introduced clay to Khwaish when she reached two year as a fun activity. Initially to enjoy different color and have fun, I just bought homemade clay from one of my friend as experimental tool .And when I noticed her little soft hands trying giving different shapes which were very cute according to me.At that time I made up mind that with couple of more months I will get pack of clay with molds.
So later I purchased funskool pack of clay to make her work little easy and interesting at same time. We had great fun playing with clay and giving different shapes to our imagination with the help of molds available with the same pack plus our own creations.


Now playing with those moulds and clay again and again made little one uninterested, so I took initiative to bring some change in the material and pattern of same activity. So this time tools were same but it just that we used Plaster of Paris (POP) instead of clay.

So we made all new shapes with POP and this time we decided the color we want to do. While taking different shapes from mold we got broken one which we gave shape as per our wish. And special thanks for Khwaish Grandpa in contributing towards the activity. It always fun to see Khwaish spending activity time with grandparents.
With same activity Khwaish had lot of fun and learning-
  • She developed her interest towards color.
  • Improved  sensory skills.  
  • Learned to give shape to her imaginations.
  • Since we had coloring session-start of coloring with brush.
  • Since  used POP used same creations as toy and gifted some to friends.
  • Great interactive and fun time with grandparent.
  • Trying new activity with same tool brought he interest back,so its like they want change.

Friends some time simple activity can be fun ,just do it differently in your style and add your magic to the same.



  1. Really nice! I just loooove moulding clay. Par yahan kafi mehngi hoti hai. Koi blogger 'free giveaways' karega. Chalo Rashmie to motivate karte hain :)!
    Lovely activity, Ashu!!

  2. Thanks Rose.. u r good at making homemade clay with scented one...I guess Rashmie ko bol hi dete free giveaways ke liye...hehe.;)

  3. WOW! great fun! My little baby girl will like this.



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