Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making National Flower-LOTUS


What can more fun then doing some activity which is appropriate to the Independence Day Theme?


Well one of activity we choose for Independence day celebration is making the national flower-Lotus.First I showed couple of lotus flower picture to Khwaish so that she had better idea of what we are making.

Then we decided to do same activity with paper quilling which is totally new concept for me.First drawn a rough picture of lotus on piece of paper….Now time to make petals in pink color(khwaish’s favorite color)…and this time we are using pink chart paper .First cut lot of pink strips(long and width 1cm)and  then time to start rolling,bending and pinching the same strip of paper to get lovely petals.You can use pen or pencil to rolling part kids can take elders help, pinching and bending on right spot will give us right shape.

We made nine petals and two leaves….looks great and same time fun for kids and Mummy.





Now we wanted to give leaves to same flower…Again rock and roll of green chart paper.So we got our leaves ready.For leaves only rolling needs to be done ,so khwaish independently created it.




Arranged all the petals and leaves and pasted the same on our rough drawing.

Here comes our lovely lotus flower-Our National Flower.



Planning to take Khwaish for nature visit to one of lake near to my place for Lotus view.




  1. Ashu,very nice and interesting way of making a lotus...will try with my kids too. Param

  2. Nice! Did not ever realise it would be a great activity for little ones....Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks Param..looking frwd for ur version of lotus flower.

  4. Rose lets see will plan more fun with paper quilling with Khwaish....Thanks.

  5. Nice idea....Good to see Khwaish enjoying quiling art....will try with kiddo.

  6. Thanks Mimmy...do share ur creation with paper quilling.

  7. So beautiful, Ashu! Paper quilling isn't easy! How amazing that Khwaish is unfazed by a tough project such as this... :)

  8. Thanks Rashmie...very true paper quilling is tough task,specially part where we need to pinch the paper to give right shapes...Well khwaish had real fun making Leaves part much.

    Thanks Again!!



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