Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rose garden visit on rainy day.

Nowadays after coming back from school Khwaish looks pretty charge up to do more fun at home also.She is ready with one question 'Mamma’’ ab hum kaya karein(what to do now ?).So today is start of extended weekend for her ,so we got into celebration mood with nature goddess.

Well my husband got some pending work to do,so we accompany him to have glance of Lotus in lake near to my place,to my disappointment no view of single lotus .Surprisingly got  some clicks of duck enjoying floats over the lake.

Next eye treat in our journey was farmer working in paddy fields and one lovely bird view from far away.


Bye bye to hubby for office…but my little one wanted more of fun.So here we go…
So we decided to move and took diversion to our farm land road.While I was driving ,my little one caught views of some rose flowers on the way.It was raining at the same time,nature lover like us could not  resist much..stopped the car,just jump out of the car khwaish  so excited to see different flower all around…pink,orange,yellow.

In the same farm three girls were plucking flower,they called us from far to have look of the farm…Kamla,kanta and kunchan…although language is bit of problem for us but today it was manageable.With great generosity lovely girls showed us different flower and gave bagful of rose to Khwaish as token of love.

Its immense pleasure to watch farm with full of flower,green herbs(tulsi,daniya,mint and some more)..not to forget mentioning scare crow.

Since its was rainy day…Khwaish had fun playing in rain showers.

This was amazing day with nature and I call the process ‘Breathe the nature’.
Regularly making these visit to get my kid close to nature.



  1. Lovely post..covering everything that you and I loooove. Khwaish looks ravishingly beautiful!
    To your question Ashu on button roses...there are a whole variety and often names differ from country to country. That is why do not worry about it.
    I will send you a lonk on them, if it helps (for you to look up the name).

  2. Thanks Rose for ur lovely words..Truely fun to visit the garden and witnessing those rose...Always remm u on my nature visit,afterall this nature walks are very close to ur and my heart:)

  3. WOW!!!
    Lovely roses and cte Khwaish.
    Its really breathing nature.....


  4. Nice post!!! Good way for kids to interact with nature!!! leave them alone with it!!! Nice thought Ashu!!!

  5. Thanks mimmy for liking it...come to b'lore Tanish and we will go for nature walk to rose garden.

  6. Thanks Smitha for liking the thought.



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